The Essential Guide to the Best Camacho Cigar Reviews

If there is one thing that you need to know about Camacho Cigars – it is Corojo!

It’s the actual tobacco that framed the foundation of the Cuban cigar “taste,” a strongly delightful hybrid of Indonesian Sumatra and Criollo. It was consummated in the 1940s by Diego Rodriguez, a Cuban tobacco producer.

For this tasting guide on Camacho Cigars, we have rounded up some of the most common cigars by the brand along with some popular versions, and annual releases.

You must have generally heard that taste is an emotional thing – so refer to these Camacho Cigarsreviews as a general review of each smoke. Furthermore, if what portrayed here seems like something that fits your tastes, give them a try yourself.

In case you have already tried them before – or have a top choice – feel free to share what you like about any of these delicious, premium cigars to guide other connoisseurs.

Let’s get started:

1:-Camacho Corojo Cigars

Nation of Origin: Honduras

Flavor: Moderately spicy, bold and full-bodied

Filler: Honduran

Binder: Honduran

Wrapper: Honduran Corojo puro

Category: Premium

Construction and Overall Appearance: Whether you talk about Camacho Corojo Gigante, Gordo, Robusto Tubo, or Corojo Toro – all these cigars tend to offer faint earthiness and distinct cedar flavor in each drag. Perfectly rolled and made with the choicest of vintage tobacco leaves – Camacho Corojo collection is perfect for smokers who are looking for fully-aged, and moderately spiced cigars. The use of genuine Honduran Corojo puro for making the binder, filler, as well as wrapper gives it what we call a “distinctive” flavor, for which the brand is popular worldwide.

Camacho has figured out how to accomplish something that no other cigar maker could achieve – recreating Cuban conditions on non-Cuban soils!

Outlandish, some state, yet that was before they attempted a puff of these fine mixes. Utilizing a blend of true Cuban-seeds in the perfect location, the Jamastran Valley, Honduras, the maker figures out how to tackle the one factor you didn’t even know was missing. The secret ingredient, maybe. The tobacco holy grail.

That is Camacho Corojo basically, a regular pleasure that was created in view of the genuine cigar aficionado. It is made using a superior quality, fifth priming Corojo wrapper leaf, and build to impress and succeeds effortlessly. Under the cover, the original Corojo binder and flock of 3 primings of Corojo long-fillers make the blend. Smooth, exemplary, fully-aged, and well-built, Corojo is all that you need it to be….and much more than that!

​Camacho Corojo even got a much-deserved 90-rating as a pleasantly created figurado with a wonderful texture to the wrapper. The Corojo cigars series by Camacho smokes delightfully and boasts complex flavors including sweet wood, leather, cedar, pecans, and steel.


2:- Camacho Connecticut Cigars

Category: Premium Cigars

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Honduras Corojo

Origin: Honduras

Filler: Honduran

Fragrance:  Earthy hints of nuts and cedar with hints of pepper and citrus

Don’t mistake mildness of a cigar as a weakness! Camacho Connecticut cigars are the perfect specimen of mild cigars that only soothe your senses but also leave a long-lasting smooth taste (without compromising the Camacho quality!)

Connecticut series comprises of handmade cigars, that give you a tinge of cedar with nuts and a little hint of citrus and pepper. The result? You get a flavorful experience followed by a mid-bodied draw! Camacho Connecticut is the cigar one would prefer any time of the day. No doubt why these are called “utility cigars” so often.

It’s no simple task to downsize on quality without losing intricacy and flavor. The fine experts at Camacho have obtained a lifetime of experience evidenced by their collection of 90+ rated blends and armies of dedicated fans. They understand how to develop a damn great cigar. So it’s nothing unexpected that they effectively claimed this challenge as well!

Camacho Connecticut is a mix of balance and smoothness, yet it additionally enjoys a strong flavor profile that keeps things fascinating for the smoker. Flaunting an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, original Corojo binder, and an ideal mix of Honduran and Dominican Aleman ligero long-fillers, you can expect a hot kick that is not very overpowering. Connecticut cigars are often considered as “utility cigars.”

Just like Camacho Corojo, Camacho Connecticut has also received a 90-rating for its splendidly symmetric appearance and a touch of a breezy draw. Soon after you smoke it, the initial acidity disappears and all you have is a creamy character that gives a little punch of sweet espresso and citrus.

Both Corojo and Connecticut are two of the best premium cigars offered by Camacho. Not too powerful nor too basic – these cigars have a special place in the hearts of everyday cigar smokers. The good news is, you can buy different variants of Camacho Corojo cigars and Connecticut cigars online or from your nearest Tobacco store. Make sure you know your preferences as it will help you pick the perfect cigar for your needs.