The Contribution of HR in Developing Leadership

Success mostly comes to those organizations that possess a solid, effective leadership as it’s the capable leaders of a company that encourages its employees to explore their full potential to work towards the overall objectives of the organization.

Multiple kinds of leadership

However, there isn’t just one particular type of leadership present in an organizational setting as different leaders have different approaches towards their work. Some of them believe in applying organization leadership which involves providing the correct direction relating to the overall organization while other tend to reinforce personal leadership that covers giving complete counseling as well as guidance on a personal level as well. So which style of leadership is the most effective one?

As a matter of fact, there is no one style of leadership that can be considered as the most suitable way of leading the employees of an organization. Which means that leadership consists of various facets and a good leader has to use diverse styles at the same time in order to provide effective guidance & support to different employees in different kinds of situations.

HR Leaders

A good HR leader is the one who can create an environment of comfort that embraces healthy competition. As it is essential for each member of the organization to feel like an insider and not someone who is treated any different from the other employees.

According to recent researches, it is highly important for an employee to feel needed and that he or she fits perfectly in the organization as this way, they are able to develop a sense of pride in working for their company. On the other hand, if an employee gets a feeling of being a misfit for his or her company, they might not take pride in the stature of their organization and eventually become less productive.

The part played by HR in Ensuring balanced leadership

The HR department of a company is supposed to maintain the quality of leadership to ensure that no employee is neglected and is provided with enough motivation to achieve the goals of the organization.

There are a few points which are to be considered by the HR in their endeavor to strengthen the standard of leadership:

  • The HR practitioners need to make sure that all the different types of leadership work together in harmony and are aligned with the overall leadership of the organization. In order to maintain an environment of harmony, the HR works towards ensuring a synergy between the individual styles as well as the general leadership of the company.
  • Also, the HR leaders of the organization have to be well aware of the fact that each kind of leadership has to match the company’s culture. Moreover, they should find ways of improving their culture through every leadership style.
  • Last but not the least, the HR leaders should understand that which leadership style would go with which kind of team as bad or an unsuitable leadership can lead to the division of a team.