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If you are having thyroid problem and are not satisfied with the antibiotic treatments that you are taking, then follow this easy and simple herbal remedies which you will findeffective. If you are a thyroid patient then you should eat fresh fruits containing vitamin A like pumpkin, in addition to this you should include green vegetables, beetroot and carrots to your diet or you can take Vitamin A capsules as Vitamin A facilitates smooth functioning of thyroid glands. Sprouted beans are also a good source of Vitamin A, so consumption of Sprouted beans in your diet would be an added advantage for you. In addition to sprouted beans, salad is also good for thyroid. Cucumber can be included in salad as it makes easy the smooth functioning of thyroid gland. On the other hand, you should decrease use of potatoes and sugar in your diet as they can affect the thyroid gland.

What to eat

Walnuts are very useful for thyroid patient as it contains iodine and balances the functioning of thyroid gland. Use of coconut oil in daily meals will be of a great help. If you add two teaspoons of coconut oil to a cup of milk and have this every day, then you will find it effective. Doctors’ advice to take maximum liquid diet such as juice, soups as the liquid diet helps to clean the system. You can take some advice from one of the best gynaecologist in Navi Mumbai. Fruit juice of apple, grapes, and pineapples is beneficial. Inclusion of milk in liquid diet will also be helpful.

The research that speaks a lot

Researchers say that rice should be avoided in daily diet. But sometimes it is difficult for a person to avoid rice as it is his regular habit. So, in such case, then one can choose unpolished rice. But frequent consumption is to be avoided; it can be taken once in a day. Ginger proves to be very helpful while fighting with thyroid. Herbal tea with ginger not only tastes good but also helps in decreasing the symptoms of thyroid. Herbal tea could be a substitute for tea, coffee and cold drinks. Including Barley and oats in diet is also beneficial for thyroid patient.

Just get that done in the right manner

Not only eating certain things can help but also swimming and exercise can help you a lot. Swimming in clean salt water is advisable as it is very beneficial to thyroid gland. Exercise in open and fresh air is also very good for your health. If you cannot do exercises, then you can take a walk of thirty minutes, which is as good as doing exercise. Following are some natural herbs which you can use to stay away of thyroid. Whenever you purchase these herbs it is very important to check its quality as the quality plays very important role while fighting with these disease. If proper care is taken, and optimum utilisation of all these herbal remedies is practiced, then thyroid will be cured easily.