The best solution to protect your skin from harmful UV rays

It is no longer a whammy situation for the people to be a high risk of skin cancer if they have constant sun exposure. No doubt, the sun is a significant source for the harmful UV radiations reaching the earth’s surface. For this reason, many people prefer to stay indoors to avoid exposure to the sun. However, complete avoidance of sun exposure is not at all possible as physical exercise is essential for you to stay healthy. So, how can you protect your skin from the burning damage of the sun rays?

Experts recommend to religiously follow the four principles of Slip (on a full sleeve shirt), slop (on sunscreen), slap (on a hat) and finally wrap (sunglasses) to ensure complete protection.

Why sunscreen lotion for men is essential for your daily care?

Sunscreen provides the necessary protection to your skin by shielding your skin from the damage of sun rays. These formulations are the ones to contain ingredients which prevent ultraviolet radiation from damaging your epidermis and penetrating deep within. Both UVA and UVB radiations are the sole cause of skin cancer. Specifically, UVB radiations are the culprits for wrinkling, sagging, leathering, and light-induced effects on your skin. Besides, these are highly carcinogenic in their origin.

Sunscreen lotions are for:

There is no specific age group recommended for sunscreen application. Any individual over the age of about six months can apply sunscreen daily. Also, sunscreen is not only meant for use in the outside environment, but those who work indoors too also have indirect sun exposure. Both UVA and UVB rays are capable of penetrating through window panes and thereby harm those who work near them.

Is there any specific type of sunscreen that I should use?

The answer to this question depends on what is the frequency of your sun exposure. On average, it is a broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion recommended for every skin type.

Broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion offers shielding protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

The market today has after-shave lotions and moisturizers to guarantee an SPF value of 15 or more. Yet, working outside requires greater and stronger protection. For summers, water-resistant sunscreen lotions are the ones to be preferred widely. The water-resistant sunscreen lotion does not penetrate easily into your eyes while you enjoy your beach sports.

Many of the chemically-derived sunscreen lotions are composed of ingredients such as PABA derivatives, cinnamates, and salicylates. These three components play an active role in the absorption of UVB rays. Oxybenzone, as well as Sulisobenzone, provides complete skin protection from the hazards of UVA of stronger wavelengths. On the other hand, it is avobenzone, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and ecamsule to protect skin from the damaging effects of the remaining fraction of harmful UVA radiations.

What amount of sunscreen to put on your face?

To ensure complete skin protection, it is essential that you apply around 1 oz of your sunscreen formulation. Researches worked on the sunscreen users indicates terrible statistics where half of the users apply around a quarter of the recommended amount. This indicates that the actual concentration of SPF value that should be present on a persons’ skin is far less than what the label of the sunscreen claims. Application of sunscreen should be worked out around 30-40 minutes before going out of the house. This thirty-minute interval helps the sunscreen ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin and bind to it from all perspectives. Also, every two-three hours, reapplication of sunscreen is essential as long as you have sun exposure.