The Best Compression Tools for Lineman

A lineman is a professional tradesman that puts up, repairs, and does regular maintenance of any type of power lines such as cable lines, distribution lines, internet lines, and phone lines. Without their expertise and hard work, our world would be a dark one and communication would still be extremely limited. Most of their work is done outside on top of power line poles where they work on fixing live and dead power lines. This job can be a dangerous one and each detailed task they do needs to be done with extreme caution and with the proper tools. The right compression tools make the lineman’s job safe and easier to complete. Below is a list of some of the most important tools that a lineman needs in his tool belt.

The Burndy Patriot 4-point, C-shaped Hypress:

This tool is a battery-powered crimping tool that can perform a wide variety of applications like tap, terminate, and splice compression. It has a high-speed, patented hydraulic point that makes actuation very fast. This tool is one of the most reliable ones that can work through the harshest conditions. It puts out 6 tons of force and weighs 13 pounds. The Hypress operates on 18 volts of power and its head rotates 360 degrees making it incredibly easy to use.

Greenlee EK425L Gator Battery Powered Crimping Tool:

The crimping tool can be operated with a single hand leaving the other hand free to position the cables and connectors to where they need to be. The jaws open wide so they easily fit over the connectors, but lock closed so that the grip never slips. When a crimp is finished fully, the jaws on the EK425L automatically open signaling to the operator that they can go on to the next crimp. This battery charged crimp also includes a pressure sensor to ensure that the force of each crimp is accurate.

Greenlee E12CCXL Gator CCXL Battery-Powered 12-Ton Multipurpose Tool:

This multipurpose tool includes two rechargeable batteries so it is fully cordless. It completes several cycles per charge thanks to its faster cycle times. The hydraulic system is 2-staged meaning it has fast power speeds. The crimping head rotates at 360 degrees and has a LED light that makes the work area easier to see. It has an RSR so the operator can easily make crimps quickly. The technology has a pressure system included which gives the operator a visual and audible alert so they know if the force is off.

Greenlee ECCXL Gator CCXL Corded 6-Ton Multipurpose Tool:

This crimping technology has a crimping sensor that monitors the crimping force and operates at 18 V and has 70% more cycles per charge. The RSR system allows the operator to retract the ram quickly for each crimp. It has a 2-stage hydraulic system that automatically retracts when each crimping and/or cutting cycle is complete. The tool is battery-powered and uses bio-degradable oil so it is safe for the environment. The smart charger maximizes the battery’s life by controlling the current of the charge, the voltage it uses, and the temperature of the battery.

Greenlee EK06FTL Gator Corded Quad-Point Dieless Crimping Tool w/Flip-Top Head:

Last on this list is an intelligent machine that has a crimping sensor and operates at 18 volts of force. It contains an ARS that saves time and energy between each cycle, and a 2-stage hydraulic system, that makes quick power speeds. It is one trigger for all the functions of the tool making operation easy, and the forward handle improves the balance of the tool which makes using it for an extended period of time a cinch.