The Benefits of Using Palo Santo

Palo santo is among the few fragrant kinds of wood in the universe. Its sweet smell of mint, pine, and lemon has been a harbinger of good health and fortune for centuries. Saints, Shamans, and anyone seeking a strong spiritual connection with the universe uses the ‘holy wood’ to heal, protect, and experience.

Here are the primary palo santo uses.

Helps in Spiritual Cleansing

Burning the palo santo wood releases negative ions that help uplift your mood and purify places, people, and objects from negative energy.

Like washing your hands before eating, palo santo smudge cleanses your aura before feeding your ceremony through a ritual. That is the main reason why Shamans burn the palo santo wood to ward off any evil spirits.

Useful in Pain Relief and Healing

South Americans have been using palo santo for centuries to heal certain conditions like stress, common flu, headache, asthma, and inflammation.

They have been doing this by making tea or smudging the wood. The plant is also rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants, also known as terpenes like terpineol or limonene.

It also helps to prevent the damage of free radicals, thereby preventing aging. It will also help manage stomach aches, arthritis pain, and a horde of other diseases. A Cuban medical study revealed that using the plant helps slow the growth of MCF-7- a type of breast cancer.

Enhances Relaxation

Most people use palo santo for spiritual and emotional guidance due to its natural anti-anxiety remedy.

Once you inhale the smudge, it moves through the olfactory system in your brain effectively stimulating the body relaxation responses. As such, you can combat anxiety, worry, depression, and sleep disorders.

Helps in Purifying and Detoxifying Your Body

Use the palo santo as an herbal tea to support your immune system. It will also shut any inflammation response emanating from pollution, diet, illness, or stress.

Inspires Creativity

Burning palo santo helps welcome love, creativity, and a good fortune to your home. But how?

It does so by brightening your energy, which promotes the feelings of joy. The scent is also useful in reducing anxiety and stress, which enhances clarity and creativity.

Set an objective on what you want to achieve and how to get there. Burning palo santo will clear out your home of any negative energy effectively filling your home with a good fortune.

Creates a Deeper Connection to a Divine Source and the Universe

Are you a fan of meditation? Well, palo santo is your perfect partner. It helps you raise your vibrations and realizepeace and grounding as you establish a deeper connection with your inner consciousness and the universe.

Acts as An Insect Repellant

Eliminating mosquitoes and other insects from your house in summer is a tall order. It is even worse if you want to do it naturally and safely. But not anymore!

Palo santo has natural and aromaticresins that send warnings to pesky bugs. It is safe and doesn’t subject you to harsh chemicals.