The Benefits of Using Galvanised Pipes and Fittings

Firstly, what are galvanised pipes and why should you care? Galvanised pipes are made from galvanised steel, which is steel that has a zinc coating that makes the pipes strong, durable and extra resistant. This leads to galvanised pipes and fittings being more sought after when needing strong and reliable piping.

There are many benefits from using pipes and fittings with galvanised steel that can be cost-effective, resulting in longer lasting products and can even reduce the construction time. To ensure that you are using the right products for your next build, here are some of the main benefits of using galvanised pipes and fittings.

It Can Cut Down Production Time

The amazing thing about galvanised steel is that once the product has left the production line, it can instantly be used without further requirements such as painting or inspecting the surfaces for defects. You can just simply implement the piping and continue on to other areas that require your attention, resulting in increased productivity.

It Can Be Cost Effective

The process of galvanisation is typically cheaper and involves fewer costs to produce. Other methods of protecting steel tend to involve more labour which results in other methods being more expensive in order to cover the costs of the extra labour that is required. Galvanised steel means less labour, which means fewer costs involved.

It Can Last Longer

Galvanised steel is known for its long shelf life. Depending on the location, galvanised fittings and pipes can usually last up to around 50 years or around 25 years in coastal environments and very open and exposed urban environments. It is also corrosion resistant to problems such as rust.

It Is Strong And Easy To Look After

The zinc protective coating makes galvanised pipes and fittings extremely strong and durable. This is a benefit when it comes to not only implementing the products but also during the transportation of the products to the work site. It also means that galvanised steel requires much less maintenance, which is a huge benefit for rural or remote areas.

It Is Great For Extra Protection

It has been noted that galvanised steel is strong and durable but another benefit is that it offers great protection for damaged and exposed areas. Because different types of coating can’t match the protective qualities found in galvanised steel, it makes for a great protective solution for any vulnerable areas that may be exposed.

It Is Easier To Detect Faults

The galvanised coating allows for easy inspection due to its smooth and clear finish. This means that any faults, such as cracks, are easy to spot straight away. With galvanised steel, if it looks good, then it’s good to go.

There are many benefits to using galvanised pipes and fittings that can save you time, money and headaches, so consider using galvanised steel products on your next build. There are many pipework system suppliers out there, so make sure you choose a supplier that is well established and has an extensive range to ensure that all your needs will be taken care of.