The ayurvedic treatment works best for Raynaud’s disease and its complications

Raynaud’s disease is a phenomenon when the toes and fingers change their color when there is a sudden dip in the temperature. This condition is the result of the spasm of the blood vessels that affects the blood circulation in the fingers and the toes. This spasm in the blood vessels can also affect the ears, lips, tips of the nose and also the nipples. All these symptoms can flare up as the age advances and when the victim is in stressful conditions.

There is discoloration of the fingers and toes owing to the narrowing of the blood vessels when the muscles surrounding the vessels experience a spasm. The frequency, severity and the duration of the symptoms all depend on the extent of the spasm that the blood vessel suffers. It may occur in solidarity as a primary condition or accompanied with other diseases as well such as Rheumatoid arthritis, hormone imbalance, SLE, etc. 

Symptoms of Raynaud’s Syndrome

Following are the symptoms of Raynaud’s syndrome and there are ayurvedic medicine for Raynaud’s disease that addresses all these symptoms

  • Feeling coldness in the fingers, toes, lips, the tip of the nose and even the ears.
  • The above areas may change their color from pale white to purple or blue and may or may not be accompanied by numbness.
  • Prickly sensation or stinging pain on heat application and change of color to red as blood flow to those areas.
  • With the head application, the affected areas can be accompanied by swelling and itching.

Causes of the disease:

The actual and the exact cause of the syndrome is not known yet and could be because of the exposure to severe cold. Coldness can cause abnormal spasm of the blood vessel that obstructs the flow of the blood. The disease is common in those who live in the cold regions and in women who perform household chores extremely and for those who are under extreme stress.

Ayurvedic treatment for Raynaud’s phenomenon:

The ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of Raynaud’s is based on certain protocols and includes correction of the dosha imbalances especially the pitta and vata in the blood vessels. It includes bloodletting and free flow of blood vessels, pouring of medicated liquids to improve circulation of blood. The ayurvedic kit for Raynaud’s disease consists of the following three medications,

  • Mahamanjishtadi kashayam – 1 tablet 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner. This famous ayurvedic preparation detoxified and clears the obstruction in the blood flow. It also reduces the weight of obese people.
  • Kaisora Guggulu – 1 tablet 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner. It is used to treat gout, eruptions and burning sensations. This combination improves blood flow and strengthens the muscles.
  • Balaguducyadi kashayam – 2 tablets after breakfast and dinner. This famous ayurvedic herbal product improves the health of the skin, behaves as a natural cleanser, used as a supportive herbal medicine for many skin conditions and diabetes.

These tablets work effectively to alleviate the spasms and regulate the movement of the pitta doshas and vata to function effectively.