The Astrology Birth Chart Explained

We all have encountered astrology at some point in our life. From conversing one on one with an astrologer to reading the horoscope in your daily newspaper, the vastness of the science of astrology is spread everywhere. The question, however, is how we get to the conclusion or prediction of any sort in astrological horoscopes. It’s simple, Astrological natal chart or birth chart is the reason we can easily interpret the motion of heavenly bodies like planets and stars and its influence on us.

The Origination astrological birth chart

Astrological came into being when the first man looked upwards to the sky 4000 years ago and questioned its purpose. This purpose was later interpreted as the method to analyze the motion and behavior of cycles of these celestial bodies to determine the signs which could be telling us something. At first, the idea seemed vague, but then the outcomes proved its significance.  Therefore, it was necessary to involve a complete map of the system to precisely determine the different aspects of planets and stars.

Astrological Birth Chart and the Symbolization of Celestial Bodies

The natal chart is a mapping of all the stars and planets to know their exact location and time when reading out a horoscope. It is necessary since its use is vital in predicting the determining forces that influence or affects an individual personality. It goes us information about the ruling planet at the time of our birth, the constellation in the sky that formed at that moment and many other factors which the astrological science requires to make a methodic analysis and give predictions. The importance of symbols in natal charts makes it easy to use, the Sun, moon, and other planets along with constellations.

Elements of the astrological birth chart

The natal birth chart consists of the following elements that make a full astrological map; they are given as follows:

The Sun

The Sun is the epitome of pride and success. Its rays spread in all direction and touch everything in their path. This gives us a perspective of the sun sign, where it symbolizes the very essence of our soul. The sign of the Sun is called Leo. Leo has all the qualities of a leader, and with an aura that caters for every bright feeling, one could possess. It takes the Sun approx. One month to complete its cycle over a zodiac sign.

The moon

The moon might be tiny in comparison to all the other planets out there, but it shows the quality of purity. Its effect can be seen through its work by giving out a gravitational pull to the oceans and its regulation of the climate. In its essence, it’s a very influential sign. It embodies spirituality in its core and is mostly associated with nature and comfort.


Mercury might be the smallest planet closest to the Sun, but unlike many others, it is the bravest and enduring of them all. Individuals of mercury as their ruling planet have what it takes to be a good friend going through all odds. Mercury governs two zodiac signs; they are Earth sign Virgo and Air sign Gemini. Mercury retrograde occurs 3-4 times a year since mercury takes 13-14 days to transit to a zodiac sign.


It is named after a Roman goddess who was famous for her encapsulating beauty. Her purity and charm were the epitome gorgeousness. The individuals whose ruling planet is Venus are mostly fascinated by art, poetry, and music. They enjoy the pleasures of life and are prone to have leisure. Like mercury Venus two reigns over two zodiac sign which are Taurus – earth sign and Libra – Air sign. The transition of Venus takes approx. Four to five weeks. Venus retrograde occurs every 18 months. 


Mars, possibly the next colony of earthlings. Mars is named after the Roman God of war. It is obvious now that the qualities that Mars symbolizes are determination, braveness, and aggression. They possess high and steady will power, which energizes them. All the passion and lust are influenced by this planet. Mars retrograde occurs after every two years while it takes six to seven weeks to transit a zodiac sign.


Named after the Greek God Zeus, it is the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter, with its gigantic core, embodies the primary and main feelings of a human. They stem in our soul. Individuals born under this sign are wanderlust and tend to seek adventure in any form. They are inspired by philosophy and spirituality alike. Jupiter governs the thrill seeker Sagittarius.


Uranus with its tilted axis is a unique planet which was discovered via telescope. Uranus primarily symbolizes innovation in technology and life forms. It also signifies intelligence and creativity. Uranus is more of a free-thinker, and they show independence and freedom through their actions by acting willingly and taking their own decisions. Uranus is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Aquarius.


The ringed planet is by far the most fascinating and incredible planet to watch. Saturn beauty signifies its complex structure, which shows us the values of artwork, dedication, time, and restriction. All these combine and make an individual ruled by the planet Saturn. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn.


Neptune is named after the Roman God of the sea. It governs all the mystical nature of man. Its intriguing personality appeals to all. Individuals ruled by planet Venus have a mysterious aura bind to them. They are highly imaginative, and sometimes one would believe them to have psychic abilities. Pisces Ruling planet is Neptune. Neptune takes 14 years to transit each sign.


This planet might have been kicked out of the solar system, but no one can deny its influence on us. Pluto is significant in many aspects, especially when it comes to the power of transformation and change. This is a vital ability of an individual which Pluto has power on. Transformation comes in different forms; it maybe destruction or construction. Life or death, all of it on which Pluto reigns.