Symptoms that Reflect it’s Time For Refrigerator Repair

The Refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in our kitchen. We realize its importance when we are away from it and our food is spoiled due to high temperature. It saves us hundreds of dollars which we would have wasted on food. Not only it keeps our food safe from spoiling but provides us with ice, chilled drinks, and many more cold things, especially in summer.

Seeing its vital role in our kitchen, taking care of the refrigerator is also very important. What if it broke down suddenly? What would happen to our food? How to know what is the right time to get your refrigerator repaired?

Here are signs that you should get your refrigerator repaired soon:

  • Loud and Constant Noises: Normally your refrigerator will make vibrating and humming noises which are normal if you barely notice them. But if you hear noises constantly and you are unable to ignore them, then, there’s something wrong with it. You need to check your refrigerator for any loose parts which are possibly making noise. If you find one, tighten them. But if you can’t find a visual reason for those noises, then they are probably caused by the condenser fan. The condenser fan is either not working properly or broken. In this case, call a refrigerator repair service in your area.
  • Compressor getting too hot: If you see some strong humming noise from the back of your refrigerator of it’s taking too long for the freezer to produce ice, check the compressor on the back of the hour refrigerator and see if it is getting too hot. If you feel excessive heat, it is because the compressor is working hard to generate cooling. You need to seek a refrigerator repair service in this case.
  • Higher electricity bill: Normally, You’ll find average power consumption written in the manual of your refrigerator. But If your electricity bill has suddenly increased and you can’t find any reason for that, maybe it’s happening because of your refrigerator. If you have an old refrigerator which was never serviced before, then you need to have it serviced. Usually, refrigerators are designed to last 10-15 years easily, but if you have bought a refrigerator which is not certified by ISO, then, there’s a higher chance it is causing you trouble.
  • Spoiling food prematurely: Refrigerators are meant to protect your food from spoiling for a long time. They prevent your food from wasting by keeping them cold. But still, your food getting spoiled before it’s supposed to be? Do your drinks have a bit unusual taste mixed when chilled in the refrigerator? Then your refrigerator got an issue for sure, and it needs a repair service sooner.
  • Too much freezing and ice: Isn’t the refrigerator meant to be freezing and producing ice in the freezer? Well, of course, the refrigerator is meant to be freezing. But what if it’s too cold and not defrosting by itself? Modern refrigerators have an automatic defrosting system and you don’t need to defrost it manually. But if you often have to defrost your system manually and you find chunks of ice covering freezer. Then there is something wrong with the cooling system and compressor. Defrosting manually often results in wasting food. So, it’s better to have a professional at your doorstep to solve this issue.
  • No cooling anymore: There are many reasons if your refrigerator is either not working or not cooling. One reason could be compressor not working, and another which is most common is leakage of refrigerant gas. Have you ever wondered, what makes your refrigerator generate cooling? Well, there’s a gas used in them called Freon and Butane. If you hear a hissing noise from the back of your refrigerator, check if there’s any leakage. If the leakage is happening, you need to have a refrigerator repair service because it needs to be fixed and gas needs to be refilled.
  • Creating a pool of water on the floor: Your fridge is not supposed to be leaking water outside without any justified reason. But if you notice a pool of water around the refrigerator often, then there must be a leakage in the water system or a blockage in the valve. Be careful with the water because, in some cases, it could be electrified due to the touch of any vulnerable part of the refrigerator. Unplug the refrigerator before cleaning the floor. You need to seek a professional before it gets worse.

Bottom line

These are the most common signs for your refrigerator being in a bad condition, you need to get your refrigerator repair soon to prevent wasting food daily. Apart from these common signs, anything that is unusual about your refrigerator is a sign that you need to call a professional in your area that can provide you refrigerator repair service.