Student Halls vs Private Student Accommodation

As you receive your acceptance letters from the University of your choice, you now have to think about the accommodation. Student halls in the University or private student accommodation. We’ve broken down this decision so you can assess which is right for you…

1.    Location

Students Halls are either on campus or near the university which eliminates the need to travel every day. It also makes access to facilities like the library very convenient. On the other hand, these student-centric areas are generally very noisy and can be a little cramped as they try to fit as many students as they can into a small location.

2.    Money Matters

Student halls are an easy first choice in regards to bills as you’ll generally pay one fee to cover rent and bills without having to worry about splitting bills between a household. You can use as much heating as you like and it’ll all be included. However, student halls are a lot more expensive than renting privately and so even paying all of your bills individually and the rent on top can be cheaper than the price of student halls.

3.    Privacy

Students Halls are notorious for hall gatherings, pre-drinks, roaming students in the hallways and the general student life commotion. This reduces your privacy and increases distractions. Private accommodations are usually much calmer with more space to yourself. However you’ll also lose the ‘student buzz.’

4.    Freedom

When it comes to freedom to party or do anything else, private student accommodation cannot be rivalled. They are built to suit that purpose. There’ll always be something going on. However, private accommodation will give you more of a balance, allowing you to seek out or host your own parties or having a cosy night in with no distractions. You might even find you have a lot more freedom in private accommodation as there are fewer restrictions on what you can and can’t do, providing you abide by your contract!

5.    Social Life

Living in student halls means you’ll be around like-minded people and others of your age with similar interests. You’ll have a lot more opportunities to meet new people and find new friends. Private student accommodation is a little more limited unless you are choosing accommodation in a known student area.

  • Facilities

Student halls offer facilities like bike storage, gym access, free Wi-Fi and laundry that isn’t always offered with private accommodation. However, private accommodation is more likely to have car parking, bigger communal spaces and laundry facilities within the accommodation.

The deciding factor is often down to price and year of study. During your first year, you’ll likely want to mix with as many students as possible and so halls are a great option. However, once you start your second year and the unit work builds, private accommodation is generally a much better option. For more information on ​student lettings​ and accommodation, visit ​Top365.