Street Food Of India Which You Might Find Hard To Resist

India along with street food is virtually sides of the same coin. Indian streets are loaded with local shops and small vendors dishing out local delights. They are delicious and mouth water dishes passing from generations to generations. In fact, most of the Indian towns have their own special delicacy that would make you crave for more and even relish your taste buds. Once we talk about appetizing there is nothing better than Indian street food. In modern times such as the popularity of such street foods that you can order food from train.


One of the popular street foods in India found in each and every corner of the country. Not only is a local delight even the foreigners who visit India in favor of this item. It is available in most parts of the country and is full of spice, taste, and life. Each state has its unique variety of puchka but the mere mention of the name of this dish will make you feel hungry. A small hollow sized puri and it is filled with flavors of spices, curd, and green chutney.

Chola Bhature

A mouth smacking popular Punjabi cuisine people all over the country have fallen in love with this dish. Bhatura that is crispy and big in size is served with hot and spicy chicken peas curry. Though this dish might be a bit heavy to eat it is accompanied by chutney curd, carrot and more. By now you might be feeling hungry? But for sure I am feeling!


An Indian version of the burger, one of the most popular and famous street foods in the state of Maharashtra. It is an important and affordable dish where a fried potato is stuffed with a vada. This is bun shaped and with green chilies or green and white chutney is provided.


The name itself would make you smack your lips as it is irresistible. Popular as one of the famous street food of India it had its inception in Nepal. People from all over the country have given their thumbs up to this food item. In short steamed dumplings incorporated with various types of fillings and are served with red spicy chutney.


An age-old Indian snack popular in most of the Indian households. People all over the country are in love with this wonderful snack. Stuffed with peas and fried potatoes, there is a deep-fried crust which is a delight for the taste buds to feast upon. When served with red or green chutney this dish has a lot of fan following.

To conclude Indian street foods are famous not only in the country but even in the global world. They are reasonably priced and make you crave for the next bite. Just you need to relish the taste buds and wait for the sumptuous treat that is well on its way. Do not miss the taste that these great food items have to offer.