How to Split PDF by Page Range – Learn a Popular Method

User Query 1: “Hello all. This is my first post in this forum and I am going to describe a problem here that has been bothering me for a long time. I have got a recipe book of around 1000 words in PDF file s format. I am supposed to send some of the recipes to my friends. Now, with my slow internet connection, it is not possible to upload this large book. That is why I want to separate the necessary recipes only and send these. Please tell me how to split PDF by page range using some proficient software?”

User Query 2: “I would like to know how to divide PDF file on the basis of range. I have tried various online sites that claim to split PDF files by range, but unfortunately, none of them worked for me. Right now I am in urgent need to create certain small sized PDF files from one PDF file without altering the main file in any way. In order to do this, I have to split PDF by page range. If there is an easy solution available for PDF file split, kindly let me know. Thanks in advance.”

PDF file lets users apply various settings to increase work efficiency. However, what PDF file offers manually is often not sufficient for the users. We can take the example of Splitting PDF here. To cut specific pages from PDF, users often face the need to split the PDF file and that too based on a page range. Since this cannot be done using the native options provided by PDF, the necessity to use some application emerges at this point. To address the need, this write-up will describe how to divide PDF file by range.

How to Split PDF by Page Range

As we have already mentioned in this post, PDF file splitting has to be done with the help of software. But not all applications will be able to perform this task meticulously. For this, use an expert solution i.e  PDF Splitter Tool. This software allows its users to split the PDF file according to any given page range. Let us take you through the working steps of this software.

1. Launch PDF Split & Merger Tool on your Windows system.

2. Select Split option from the Home screen.

3. Click on Browse button.

4. Select the file that you want to split and click Open.

5. Select Split by Range radio button and enter the page range by which you want to split.

6. Now add a name for the resultant file and choose the destination location. Click on Save to start the process.

7. Users will get a notification when splitting is done.

8. Navigate to the target folder to find the split PDF file.

Available Versions: Users can download the demo version of this application for free to check its features. After being satisfied with the performance, they can securely purchase the full version of the tool.


Split PDF by page range has become one of the major requirements of PDF file users. For those who want to divide PDF files based on the page range, PDF Split & Merge is a perfect choice. With the help of this software, users can easily split any number of pages from a PDF file, and that too from any page range. For these reasons, professionals always suggest this software for error-free PDF file split.

FAQs Regarding PDF Split & Merge

Q. 1: Can I split my PDF file based on any page range from the middle of the file?
Ans: Yes, you can add any page range from your PDF file in order to split.

Q. 2: Do I need Adobe Acrobat installation for this software to split PDF by page range?
Ans: No, this is a standalone application and it can perform without Adobe Acrobat installation on the same system.

Q. 3: Will the tool crop the pages from my original file when I divide PDF files?
Ans: No, the program will split the pages and save these as a separate PDF file. Your original PDF file will remain intact.

Q. 4: Which Windows OS versions are compatible with this tool?
Ans: PDF Split & Merge Tool has complete Windows OS compatibility. It means that the program supports all Windows OS versions including Windows 10.