Significance of Panna Stones in Daily Life

Gemstones often represent astrological significance and many people in India wear gemstone only after consulting their astrological guru. The different types of gemstones available are emerald, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, pearl, diamond, etc. They look lucrative and produce shine. But, a person should wear a stone that is authentic and real. So, they should be able to identify the authentic stone. People commonly wear the panna stone that is green in colour. It is heavenly and it is considered the stone for empowerment according to Rig Veda texts.

The emerald stone

It is a green coloured precious gemstone that is known for yielding success in the business. It also boosts creativity and wisdom of an individual. This stone is most suitable for the candidates whose planet is placed on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 10th, position

This stone is available in four forms namely Natural Colombian, Natural Brazilian, Natural Zambian, and Swat Panna. The green colour shade differs, but all these stones appear beautiful.

The people with speech difficulties, allergies or nervous disorders wear this stone. They can wear this stone to overcome their difficulties. This stone is governed by the planet Mercury that boosts intellect of an individual. So, by wearing this stone, a person can improve his intellectual level and also gain wisdom. Many business people also wear this panna stone.

Why should we wear this stone?

The Mercury planet influences many other factors of an individual such artistic talents, creativity, and linguistic skills. The person can use his intellect in a proper way by wearing this stone. Many individuals are blessed with intelligence, but they cannot express their intelligence in their day-to-day life due to their own obstacles. So, this planet removes the obstacles and hurdles that are causing inhibition. So, by wearing this stone, the planet has strong influence on the person.

When to wear this stone?

This stone is usually on Wednesdays and it is influenced by the planet Mercury. This stone should be preferably worn during ShulaPaksh because it is considered an auspicious day.

Benefits of wearing the emerald stone

The people wearing the stone can increase their spirituality and reasoning power. Some people who constantly experience nightmare can also wear this stone because they can get sound sleep. It increases peace of mind and a person can lead a harmonious life also.

People commonly wear the Colombian Emerald or the Zambian emerald because they appear the most beautiful. The Colombian Emerald contains chromium, whereas the Zambian emeralds contain Iron. The Colombian emerald is fine leafy green and blue, whereas the Zambian emerald are lesser transparent.

The panna stone price depends upon the type of stone that is purchased and its size. It is available in various forms also. Nearly 160 mines of emerald stones are available. Each stone has its different price. The price differs according to the type of panna, weight and its properties. Colombian Emerald is considered the best stone and hence it is one of the expensive stones.

So, the panna stone price depends upon the carat, its origin and clarity, colour and the size of the gems.