SEO: What mistakes to avoid in 2018?

Rumors, rumors or official tweets, what impacts your SEO? SEM Rush has done a study of the 40 most common SEO mistakes between the different advertisers.

Here is a summary to know now which pitfalls to avoid.


In SEO as many areas remain good practices to respect at all costs. Among them, the presence of a sitemap and a robot.txt is one of the inevitable expectations during the SEO of a site.

The results of the SEMRush study, however, force you to find that doing nothing remains the best solution if you do not master these two topics. And if you look at it a little closer, it makes sense!

From experience, many advertisers have unknowingly deindexed some of the pages of their site because of a bad configuration of the robot.txt.

Same for the XML sitemap. If his interest has now become relative, many are also those who have a sitemap where everything is its opposite (including 404 pages!) Has been put. Here too: it is better to let Google do rather than tell him irrelevant content.

So for SEMRush, a format error in the files has a penalty of 4/5 (SEMRush rating) and bad page 3/5. Conversely, its absence or not to declare it impacts very little your referencing (2/5 and 1/5).

Same observation for the Robot.Txt: a configuration error concerns 4% of the surrounding area and impacts heavily (rating of 5/5) while its absence which concerns 9.6% of sites analyzed is penalizing certainly, but limiting the damage (3/5)!

Another thorny subject: duplicate content.

In this regard, the instructions are the same: take the time you need but write beautiful content and content well done by you and for you!

We will never know enough about the impact of duplicating content on your SEO. In order they are the most important errors among the most commonly found:

Content duplication

Number of weak words

Reason for weak text

And this applies to both your On-Page content and your Meta description tags.


The H1 tag represents the main title of your page, its key content. 63% of sites have yet forgotten. This is not to mention cases of duplication of course.

Two other greatis forgotten in the list: images and redirects. 65% of the images do not have ALT tags. Besides that, the most penalizing errors are the broken images, a forgetting of optimization frustrating above all for your Internet users!

Regarding redirects, errors are more numerous and especially more penalizing regarding SEO (between 5/5 and 3/5 penalty points on average). Among them, starting from the most common mistake:

Error 404

External link in nofollow

An internal link in nofollow

Temporary redirection

Broken external link

Error 500

Domain name not configured

Redirection error (infinite loop)

The volume of links too important


These criteria have a high degree of penalty for your SEO (5/5 to 4/5). The main error is the loading speed of a site for 23% of the sites analyzed.

Next come the first of pages, and the use of obsolete techniques for Google’s robots. More difficult to analyze and crawl, your sites are thus less traveled and less indexed eventually.

And where are you in your SEO optimizations? Identified errors? Correct the shot now by adopting good practices!

How to reference your activities on Google Maps to gain visibility

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Google Maps is THE chance to seize

Where you’re lucky is that you’re not late for friends! The dance classes referenced on Google Maps can be counted on the fingers of one hand for each discipline. And are you ready for the biggestaberration?

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The other disciplines do not run far ahead: in the Paris / IDF sector (the findings are the same everywhere in France), there are barely a dozen referenced oriental dance classes. Ditto for salsa, classical, rock.Much less for very popular disciplines such as lindy hop (7 courses), Bollywood (4 courses) or kizomba (2 courses). While the real offer, it continues to expand: up to a hundred courses for each discipline.

You’ve understood: there is really a pin to shoot the game.