SEO Myths: 10 SEO Misconceptions That Aren’t True

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an art or perhaps an artistic science that only an expert SEO agency India can perform with profits.

It’s tough (yet profitable) to use SEO and search algorithms to generate interest in a business’s products and services. It is why there’s an ocean of SEO myths floating all around.

The following 10 SEO misconceptions are meant for a quick heads up and might also raise your eyebrows in some cases. 

Read on as we debunk the common misconceptions and set the facts right: 

#1 Ranking Can Be Guaranteed: 

Unfortunately, many businesses fall into the trap of “performance and timeframe promise”. Many agencies will work to get you the first page 1 results for a certain number of keywords. Believing that an SEO company can promise a number one ranking is the biggest myth of the SEO industry. 

SEO Agencies Affiliation with Google:

Some SEO agencies claim their affiliation with Google while the truth is that Google doesn’t reveal its SEO partners. So, if any SEO agency claims that and promises you Page 1 rankings for a throwaway price, that’s a SCAM. Google Search Engine rankings can’t be guaranteed but a good agency can definitely work to get you on the top page. It can take months. Check out things like a digital report card of the agency to know what they have delivered for other clients. 

SEO Is a One-Time Process:

The worst thing to perceive about SEO is that you have to do it once and forget; it will auto-radiate its ripples. It is an ongoing SEO, which is both proactive and responsive. Keeping your SEO optimization strategies ongoing will keep the traffic coming and rankings growing.

Hummingbird Made Keyword Targeting Irrelevant:

Matt Cutts, the Head of Google’s WebSpam team states that keyword research and targeting have actually become easier with Hummingword because now content creators don’t have to worry about following a certain keyword ratio. The algorithm now pushes the creators to shift their content focus on the searcher’s intent.

You Just Need Content:

Content is king – it may have come across to you many a time. However, building links (both hyperlinks and backlinks) are also equally important. Content & links are twins of the SEO world. One does not work without the other (at least not efficiently and surely, not for long-term).

Page Speed Doesn’t Count Much:

It is quicker and much easier for Googlebot to slide through a faster site. When the site does not slow the crawlers, it is an indication that the site is either getting indexed for several pages and/or in page crawl depth. Page speed has been a critical ranking factor and has become even more irrefutable in the mobile-first era.

Links Are Dead:

The best content in the world with no links will not get visibility. A perfect content piece will still need a web of powerful links (or a lot of mediocre ones). 

Site Submission Is a Must to Rank

You do not need to pay SEO site submission companies to submit your website to the search engines. With its status as a registrar, Google is ultra-advanced now. It can not only spot a site within minutes of being live, but it is also notified at the time of registering the domain. 

If for any reason, you are doubtful whether your site is indexed by Google or not, use “Ask Google to recrawl your URLs” or “Google’s URL submit form” in Google Search Console.

It Must Be Something Because Big Brands Do It:

One size does not fit all. Since Twitter and Facebook use infinite scroll, it does not mean it would fit your bill too. It is not necessary that what works for one brand is the marketing strategy for you to follow. 

PPC Improves SEO

Most experts believe that there is no direct or indirect co-relation between paid rankings and organic search. To an extent, paid search can be effective for boosting the conversion rate of organic results; however, it is no-way linked to the rankings.

We are sure that you will have better clarity now about the top 10 SEO misconceptions and would be able to make an informed decision while looking for for SEO services in India.