Screen time: How much is too much?

In today’s digital age, smartphones and the internet have created a virtual world for our kids that are now slowly blurring out their physical existence. Children of almost every age are directly glued to a smartphone, scrolling all day long, which is alarming. If we go with the statistics, teenagers spend about 11 hours a day with smartphone screens. Whether that be a mobile phone, laptops, Television, or Tablet, screens have become the only entertainment source that spoon-feeds them things they get engaged with.

Being a part of one of the best schools in Noida, we feel that letting your child getting bored without smartphones is important. When your child gets bored, they create their fun way in their surroundings to get engaged with.

So, next time when your child utter complaints of boredom, let them create their tool of entertainment.

Not all kids are the same; there are kids who spend most of their time learning lifelong learning through the internet. Effects are the same on both ends; we need to understand that excessive screen time can lead to the adverse impacts on your child’s health that includes:-

Headaches and eyes strain

Poor sleep and insomnia

As per studies, Internet addiction is one of the significant reasons that triggers anxiety, inferiority complex, and depression.

Neck, back and shoulder pain.

Social anxiety that leads to self-isolation.

What’s the solution?

Limit screen time

Smartphones are the most significant energy suckers in our lives. According to research, using smartphones for long hours makes our brain lazy and triggers mental disorders. Moreover, encourage your kids in outdoor sports such as running, swimming, Basketball, Table tennis, etc. This will make them tired and facilitate early bedtime. Furthermore, teach your kids to switch off digital devices at least 30 minutes before they go to sleep.

Tell them a good story.

Let their imagination roll out with your words. Tell them a good story that comprises of positive life lessons, affirmations, and how they can combat difficult times and negativity in life. This will make them less restless during the nights and make them fall asleep quickly.

Plan family time with your child

Outdoor trips to museums, art galleries, workshops are some of the places that you can visit with your child. This will make them realize that there end several things that are to be explored in this world that can’t be experienced through smartphone rectangles.

Make a deal

Don’t play dominate over your child; in the broadest sense, smartphone addiction is somewhat similar to alcohol addiction but has adverse effects than that. So, when your child asks for a phone, harsh NO will make things worse. To cool down the conflicts, make a deal that “No phones before homework,” “Turn off smartphones during bedtime”, ” No smartphone on the dinner table,” etc.

I hope you’ve found what you were looking for. We want to share a bonus tip to help you with child nurturing. Being a part of one of the best CBSE schools in Noida, where I learned that “slap is not a solution,” be a friend in disguise for your child.