Saregama Carvaan Go: Much More Than Turning Back the Time with Music

The world is a curious place, clearly dominated by innumerable emotions. It’s amazing to see that music has a fantastic healing solution for all of them, especially soothing those who look for some emotional resort. Perhaps, this is the reason that music finds a way in all forms, ranging from antique, oversized radios to tiny music cards. No wonder that Saregama Carvaan Go, an easy-to-carry digital audio player device, had stolen hearts right after its launch.

The music device Carvaan Go, a mini pocket-sized device comes with pre-loaded 3000 retro Hindi songs of some of your favorite artists like Kishore Kumar, and Mohd. Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar to name a few. Additionally, comes with the facility of Bluetooth streaming, and earphones.

Depending on your preference, you can play the Carvaan Go either by activating the Bluetooth speaker or by using the earphones that this device comes with. The player is a result of extensive market research on what users wanted from them.

SaregamaCarvaan Go has 50 specially curated playlists that match various activities that you take on-ranging from performing yoga, power walks, driving, flying, and more. Also, there is an option of choosing from 9 theme-based or 28 artist-based stations.

Just like its predecessors, it doubles up as a radio with a few finger taps. You can even add your personal choices up to a 32 GB micro SD card! The batteries are rechargeable. Once fully charged, it can give up to 7 hours of continuous entertainment!

There is no compromise in the crisp sound quality, excellent make, as well as all comprehensive customer care. It comes with six months of conditional warranty, as well.

The device is most liked among those who are in their 40s and above. Turning 40 denotes that phase of life, by which people have already undergone a lot of bittersweet experiences.

So in their leisurely hours, they would look for something that helps them mentality escape the real world. Far from the hard-hitting reality, music can go a long way to embalm a tattered soul. This is right where the feasibility of Carvaan Go pitches in.

The easy availability of ‘too many options’ and the overdose of technology has been overwhelming for the new generation. This digital player is excellent for everyone who simply wants to listen to music as they would do in the yesteryears.

Quite similar to its mother model, this portable personal music player – Carvaan Go is also App compatible! All you need to do is to download the Saregama Carvaan App from the app store, and control your playlists from within the app!

The bottom line is, when you have a ten minutes break to freshen up after a dawn to dusk working day or need something to keep going at the gym, or looking for a perfect gift idea for an elderly, or anyone having a taste for the bygone days, very few options can be as fitting as Saregama Carvaan Go.