Remember to wear your natural fur at the next public event

Congrats! You just purchased your first natural fur coat! But you feel like you’re not confident enough to wear it with everything in your wardrobe. Well, we asked the experts at Aria Moda fur clothing to help us debunk the problem. In this article, you will discover some pro tips on how to wear your natural fur at the next public event! Let’s see what’s this all about!

Formal events

Are you attending a black-tie event? Well, this is the best place to showcase your new natural fur coat. It can make you stand out due to its versatility and stylish look. And we can say from our experience that the ultimate effect is offered by wearing a full-length fur coat. You can mix and match it with long gowns, cocktail dresses, or even skirts.


The second public event you can attend wearing your natural fur is a wedding. It can keep you warm and fancy without compromising your style. If you’re a guest at such an event, make sure you match your natural fur coat with a light brown or silver midi jacket. This will offer a breathtaking effect!


Natural furs are fabulous! They can go well with virtually anything! All you have to do is brainstorm a bit of the outfit options in your wardrobe. For example, late-night events or after-hours meet-ups can go well with a bold and contemporary look. You can wear a little black dress and make it fantastic with the help of a short real fur jacket. You should know that for parties, you should select the color and length of your fur jacket with care. In most cases, short jackets, wraps, or vests are better suited for parties than long coats.

Casual events

Do you recall that myth about wearing fur coats at casual events? Well, you should know this is a false statement, and you can take your natural fur jacket to such events. And if you think about the fact that fashion is meant to make you stand out, casual events and furs become a great much! No matter if you attend a family event, meet with your friends, or go for a stroll in the park, wearing a fur jacket can make your outfit more interesting. You can effortlessly look amazing with a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and a fancy fur jacket. Let your imagination make the best out of it!

The bottom line

So, this is how to wear your natural fur jacket to almost any type of event. As you can see, the secret to your success is being bold enough to create a fantastic outfit. Different occasions make room for variations on your outfit. Hence, don’t be afraid to experiment and match clothes that usually don’t go together. The goal of any outfit is to make you think out of the box! And with the help of a real fur coat, we guarantee you will be more than successful. Make sure you purchase a qualitative fur coat for the ultimate effect!