Recover Permanently Deleted Data Files From Solid State Drive Easily

SSD which stands for Solid State Drive is a type of hard drive. It is similar to the common hard drive in terms of interface, functions, usage, product shape, and size. SSD is widely used as a portable hard drive, micro hard drive, memory card, U disk etc. There are numerous advantages offered by SDD such as such as low power consumption, wide operating temperature range, shock and drop resistance, fast reading as well as writing speed etc. Due to the various benefits of SSD, it is in a lot of demand by the users. But sometimes, SSD crashes due to various reasons as a result of which the user has to data loss issue. Now, the question arises, how to recover data deleted from SDD permanently? To help out all the users to recover permanently deleted data from the solid state drive, we are going to explain the various method in the section given below. In this blog, both manual and automated methods are explained, using which the user can retrieve data deleted from SDD in a trouble-free way.

“Hello! I have been using Samsung SSD for quite some time. But a few days back it got damaged. It has just been 8 to 9 months not more than that. All my important files are stored in that SSD. I have to immediately retrieve my file. Any solution to recover permanently deleted data from solid state drive will be of great help.”

Reasons Behind Data Deletion from SSD

There are many reasons due to which the SSD gets damaged as a result of which the user has to face deletion of the vital data. Some of the possible reasons are explained below:

  • Virus Attack: If the user connects the SSD to a virus-infected system. Then the virus can also infect the SSD due to which the user have to face data loss issue.
  • Human Error: Files are easy to be lost or deleted due to human error.
  • Damage: When the damage takes place on SSD, the user may not find some files.
  • Loss of Partition: If a partition is lost or deleted on SSD then the user may not be able to find files on the partition

Manual Method to Recover Deleted Data from Solid State Drive

Windows can automatically fix bad sector on SSD. If Solid state drive has bad sectors due to physical errors, then recovery of the file is not possible. Thus, the user can check and fix the bad sectors on Windows SSD by following the below-mentioned steps.

  1. First, you have to navigate to My Computer and then right-click on SSD Drive and select its Properties
  2. Then click on the Tools tab and then select the Check Now option
  3. Lastly, select both the check disk options and click on Start

Note: Disable Solid State Drive Trim before undeleting SSD File.

In order to fully restore deleted, permanently deleted files from SSD, it is important to disable Trim function on SSD Drive. To remove or disable SSD trim before undeleting SSD files, you have to follow the steps given below:

  1. Start Command Prompt by clicking the search box and type: CMD and then click Enter
  2. Then, choose Run as Administrator and Type: fsutilbehavior query disabledeletenotify and then click Enter
  3. Finally, type: fsutil behavior set disabledeletenotify1 and press Enter key

Ultimate Method to Recover Permanently Deleted Data from SSD

For instant SSD deleted data recovery, the user can opt for an automated solution that is SysTools SDD Recovery Software. With this utility, the user can easily restore deleted, corrupted and formatted data from the SDD. Moreover, the user can also retrieve lost files from the damaged Solid State Drive using this tool. With the help of this Software, one can recover data from internal and external SDD drive. It also provides formatted SSD data recovery from FAT and NTFS system.

Steps to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Solid State Drive

  1. First, you have to launch the SysTools SDD Recovery Tool on your local machinerecover deleted files from ssd
  2. Then, choose Solid State Data Recovery Options –Scan or Formatted Scanrestore permanently deleted ssd files
  3. After that, you can preview recovered data files from Solid State Drive     preview recovered ssd data
  4. Finally, save the recovered data items in your system at the desired locationsave ssd recovered data


Data is important for everyone and no one can face the loss of his/her vital data. Sometimes, the user faces situations when their data files get deleted from SDD permanently. But they are not able to find an instant and simple solution to recover permanently deleted data from SSD. Therefore, in this blog, we have explained both the manual and automated method. However, with the manual solution, the user can only fix the bad sectors on SDD. To recover data deleted from the SDD, it is recommended to opt for an automated solution that is SDD Recovery Software.