Railway as a mean of transport has grown a lot from past few years. We all can’t even imagine a life without transport and especially railways. Railway is the most used method of transportation by the people in the country. It is the most economical and fastest way of transportation which is the biggest reason for its increasing use and growth.

Not only in transportation but there is also some concrete foundation in railway that has helped in its growth and expanding. Railway provides with some extreme benefits that makes it to have a comparative advantage over other medium of transport. These are:

  • Weather: Railway is the only mean of transport that is not affected or is Least affected by weather. All other mediums of transportation gets obstructed quiet often and the journey cancel out before even getting started.
  • Disciplined: Railways have a particular time of arrival and departure. It follows that particular schedule and makes the journey complete within no time. Other mediums of transportation get delayed more often but this is not the case with railway.
  • Speed: Due to its high speed travelling railway can make the long distance journey be covered within few hours. Roadways can never match this speed due to limitation of roads. Even after travelling at such a high speed railways is a safe medium of transportation.
  • Transporting goods: Transportation does not mean transporting only people but railways are used for transporting goods from one place to another. These goods can be of any type. Even if the goods are small, large, bulky and even in liquefied form, railways can transport them from one place to another which is impossible for other mediums to transport.
  • Safer/Security: Railways is one of the safes modes of transportation. Roadways are prone to many accidents and miss happening. No such fear of accident is there with railways.
  • No. of Passengers: The number of passengers that one train can gather is very large. No other medium of transportation can manage to have such large number of people. And all the passengers have their own seat and the area is still not congested.
  • Employment: Railways has provided with a lot of job opportunities to people of the country. The employment generation is not just minor and around million of people are working in railways and getting jobs.
  • Welfare: The welfare of the passengers is taken care of by providing all the services that they need. Example providing meals, drinking water, washrooms, medical facilities, reading material etc.

Railway is emerged as a medium to make the journey of people more convenient and safe. There are other developments that keep on going in railways for the betterment of people and the overall economy. For the betterment of the organization goods that are transported from one place to another concretemixer in railwayis introduced. These kind of improvements is helping the overall railway sector grow and reach new heights. In the coming years railway industry will be termed as the best introduction in transportation sector and will forte in even more and more facilities for passengers.