Questions You Need to Ask When Hiring Event Staff

Whatever the event, your goal is to be successful but you cannot do this alone. You need a reliable team by your side. With the right team, no task is too big to tackle. Unfortunately, identifying the right people takes time. To help you hasten the process, you should know what questions to ask during the interview.

Here are the questions you need to ask when you hire event staff:

Why are you interested in the events industry?

Working in the events industry is demanding. This means putting in more hours of sweat, blood and even tears. If you are looking for staff, it is important that they are as dedicated as you are.

Whoever you hire, you have to ensure that they have a genuine interest in events. If they are not as dedicated or as passionate, they will not give their best. In the end, this can lead to mediocre results.

How do you handle big changes at work?

When you hire event staff, you should determine if the candidate is able to handle big changes at work. This is because, in the world of events, anything can happen at the drop of a hat.

If the candidate is not able to cope with big changes, there is really no reason to consider him/her. You should look for individuals who do not get weary when you have to make changes. In the end, your staff should be flexible.

Do you have experience in task management software?

There are many moving pieces so it is important to keep all staff on the same page. You have to know if the staff has experience in task management software to make the transition easier. However, you should not disregard the tech novice totally. The key here is to see if they are willing to learn new technology and tools.

Have you gone over budget?

The right staff understands the most important aspect of the event – budget. You should ask if the candidate experienced over budget and how they handled it. You do not need an accounting major but you should pick a staff that can keep on top of event spending. The right staff should also learn how to negotiate with vendors and take the event budget seriously.

Did you fail in the past?

You should also ask if the candidate ever experienced failure. Of course, you should not totally disregard a candidate with a failed past because with failure comes great learning. For those who failed, they have a better understanding of handling stress and this is something that you should consider.

How do you gauge the success of your events?

More importantly, you have to determine how the candidate gauges the success of previous events. The right staff should understand the goals of your event so they can work towards success. Of course, this will be based on how you define success.

Bottom Line

Think of your team as a weapon that is capable of making a difference or breaking the world. With this, you should spend time screening to ensure that you do not hire the wrong candidate. Keep in mind that if you hire the wrong candidate, it could lead to lost ticket sales, missing paperwork and even angry partners.