Proven Hacks to Fix Purple Screen Roku – Try Them Now

Purple screen Roku error is famous as HDCP or High bandwidth Digital Copy Protection. It has been around in the movies and TV industries for a very long time. HDCP technology is initially introduced to secure copyrights of content which was published on VHS tapes. But now it comes embedded with almost all newer digital devices such as Roku streaming players, Blu-ray players and cable boxes.

In case your Roku streaming player finds that the HDMI link with your audio/video receiver (AVR) or TV doesn’t provide support for HDCP (Copy and Content Protection technology) , you may get an error saying ‘HDCP error detected’ along with error code 020. Or it may show a purple screen.

In addition to this, the issue may arise because of another problem like faulty HDMI connector or cable. Whatever the reason, you can get rid of purple screen Roku with these proven hacks. Let’s ring up the curtains from them.

Roku Error Code 020

Once you activate Roku without Credit Card or with credit card, the error code 020 arises if there is an incompatibility with the digital protection law. In actual fact, it means that the device is not able to recognize or support HDCP because the connection to the HDMI of TV is not supported.

Important Note: You can set up Roku without credit card using Roku no CC web URL.

Not only HDMI but also any Audio/Video Receiver or AVR connected to the entertainment center may not be fine-tuned to HDCP. In order to troubleshoot the issue, you must first make sure that you are setting up the players to show 4K content.

Pre-requisites to Stream 4K

Full HDTV resolutions are up to 1080p whereas 4K resolutions run up to 3840 columns. In simple words, 4K resolutions mean that it is four times that of the HD. The HDR technology news expands both contrast and color expressively to offer greater accuracy and depth of the display. Most of the people think that Roku TV play AVI so they try hard to see AVI files on their streaming player.

Here, we want to clarify that Roku player doesn’t provide support for AVI format. However, you can stream AVI Roku by converting AVI files into Roku-supported format.

Now, let’s have a look at some requirements to stream 4K

  • Check if the latest software version is running on the TV to enable HDR.
  • On a compatible Roku player, you require an identical 4K HDR TV with an HDMI 2.0 input.
  • For images to appear in 4K or HDR, high bandwidth internet streams are necessary.
  • Verify if your Roku player can actually relay 4K or HDR content.
  • At last, obtain a first-class High-Speed HDMI cable for Roku box.

 Troubleshooting the HDCP Error

Once you try to stream Ultra HD 4K content, a message saying HDCP error detected appears on the screen. To fix this error, instructions will appear on the screen and you have to follow them accurately.

Now, go through the tips mentioned below to troubleshoot the HDCP error or Roku error code 020.

  • Resetting

So, you have set up Roku using web address perfectly but the purple screen error is annoying you the most. Well, the basic troubleshooting step for this issue is resetting.

All you have to do is simply unplug the HDMI cable from its ends and switch off all the devices including Roku player. Wait for a minute or two and afterward, connect all the cables back, this time, securely. Make sure this by cross checking the connections. Now, power on everything to check whether the issue is resolved or not.

  • HDMI Input and Cable

In the most cases, the culprit is an incompatible HDMI input. So select a different one for input. On the other hand, you can purchase a new HDMI cable.

After that, try connecting the TV directly using Roku link code. If this doesn’t work, cross-verify the display settings on your device.

  • Setting up Roku for 4K

For this, a high bandwidth internet connection is required which provides you up to 25Mbps speed. You can also perform Roku 3 micro SD install process in case of low memory on your device.

Make sure that a high-speed HDMI cable is suitable to your TV. Once done, turn all devices on and walk through the guided instructions given on the screen.

Still getting Roku error code 020? Don’t worry. Just give us a call at our toll-free number.