Planning To Hire A Corporate Firm? Few Things You Should Know

Top Corporate Law Firms: They Are Called Pencil Pushers For A Reason

One thing worth mentioning is that some corporate lawyers do not handle small business disputes. They are more about the money and power larger firms can give them. Now, not everyone is like that, but you should know what you are getting into if you decide to hire one of the top corporate law firms Israel has to offer.

1)I Came To Litigate, Son

Your case might not see the inside of a courtroom. These lawyers are called “Pencil pushers” for a reason. They will help prepare your case from behind the scenes, but not much else. Some of the corporate lawyers may be experienced with a courtroom, but do not expect it to happen with the snap of a finger.

They will prepare your case and hand it over to someone else, including their firm. The person you hire might not the person in court with you.

FYI: Make sure you hire someone who has litigated before. You need one of the better corporate lawyers David Page Law has to offer.

2) Some corporate lawyers only have one or two skills. You do not want to hire a tax lawyer when you are dealing with a corporate criminal case.

In other words, a tax attorney is not going to help you. You should pick someone else.

“Sir, I am not an animal trainer. I am a tax attorney. What is the problem?”

Griffin Dunne. Who’s That Girl, 1987

That is why you have to be thorough in your research. Your choice can impact the way your case turns out.

3) Do you want to hire someone to work “in-house?” They will be with you on a permanent basis. It is better to hire someone who has a long history with the company David Page Law. You need someone who has faced every kind of challenge there is. It will make it less painful that way.

“Stand back. I know what to do. Let me work.”

The last thing you want is to hire some know-it-all, bubbly, fresh-faced college graduate who thinks the world is at their feet. You need someone who has worked for the firm for a few years or more. They might have the knowledge, but they do not necessarily have the experience. The more experience the person has in your area of business, the more successful you will be with winning your case.

“Tell you what. Why not work for another firm. Maybe a few years will put some rough edges on you. Then, we can talk.”

Dolly Parton, Reba

The idea is to hire someone with some rough edges, but not too many. That type of corporate lawyer is a “corporate raider.” You do not want one of those unless you absolutely need one.

An in-house lawyer will be there with you for the duration of your company’s business. Make sure you choose carefully. The last thing you want is to hire someone, and then regret is a few months later.

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