Plan Out The Best Switzerland Vacation

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the globe, and the people who reside in Switzerland are definitely the luckiest of all. If you are planning on what to do while you are stuck at home amidst the pandemic, it is best that you get your books out and plan out your next vacation to Switzerland.

Planning before travelling is one of the most important things to do, and most people forget to include this insanely crucial part to their travelling plans. Switzerland is known for the pointy mountain tops and the snow all throughout, but why should you only visit the commonly known places such as Lucerne and Zurich when you are travelling to this excruciatingly beautiful country.

Places to visit on your week travel trip to Switzerland

  • Visit Geneva- Geneva is home to several international headquarters, and it shares a border with France, and some of the most well-known Swiss cities, which you perhaps must have seen in several movies that have featured Switzerland in them. One brilliant fact is that Switzerland is known to be a ‘neutral nation’, as it has barely taken any sides in any of the world wars since its inception in the year of 1291. Hence, it is home to a lot of the biggest headquarters such as United Nations, World Trade Organization and World Health Organization, which are the most well-known ones.
  • Visiting Bern- Another extremely underrated place, yet one of the most beautiful places in Bern, this capital city of Switzerland must be a definite visit on your itinerary to visiting Switzerland. Most of the city has remained unchanged since the year of 1191, and the Old Town is a heritage walk city and is one of the most well- known UNESCO world heritages. Bern being a very small and compact city helps in travelling it mainly throughout foot and helps in saving on travel.
  • Visiting through Zermatt- Switzerland has one of the most important and stunning regions throughout Zermatt, which consists of about 38 mountain peaks and most of these peaks, are about 4000 meters high. This beautiful surrounding of Zermatt has given it the name of the ‘Sunniest Corner in Switzerland’.
  • Going into Lucerne- Lucerne is one of those places in Switzerland which looks the liveliest and has the most beautiful scenarios to see. It is the place that you have mostly seen on any picture of Switzerland and also has several postcards that have the pictures of the beautiful streets of Lucerne on it.
  • Visit Grabs- This is one of most unknown little towns of Switzerland, but if you want to see the countryside from a better angle then Grabs is the place that you should be at.

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