PET scan: How is it different from other scans and what is its usage?

Scanning has become an integral part of medical procedures these days.   Different types of scanning procedures like pet, MRI, CT scan are there to ensure that the doctors get to know about overall health condition of the patient. These scans are performed by the professionals and these help in getting information about the inside of the human body.

You can go for Pet CT scan Mumbai. These are the scanners that are used by professional medical experts to make sure that nothing goes unchecked. Even the clinical research data has witnessed that PET scanning is much more superior toconservative imaging in the diagnosis and management of various kinds of cancers. Moreover, the exact usage of PET can lead to an important change in the management of the care of any patient.

It would be important to know that these days Positron emission tomography (PET) has turned out to be an important cancer imaging instrument, both for the diagnosis and staging also for catering prognostic information on the basis of response. PET scans are somewhat fresh forms of medical imaging that began to be used in clinical settings near the decade of 1990s. A diagnostic PET scan is used by experts or physicians to find out the biochemical changes taking place within a patient while a metabolic PET scan is employed to diagnose, stage and also follow-up on the tasks administered. Ailments and illnesses often affect a patient’s biochemistry and such kinds of changes can just be taken into consideration by conducting PET scans.

As it can study the functions of the body via biochemical processes, the scans are in a position to find out the ailments before the signs and symptoms show hence these are a lot more effective as compared to the other imaging tests.Certainly, you can find the tool getting used extensively in all the clinics for absolutely phenomenal reasons.  Moreover since it studies metabolic functions of the patient, PET imaging can also be put to use as an alternative to that of biopsy and even othertypes of exploratory surgeries performed to decide how far a health problem has spread.

Exceptional capability of PET scan

The capability of this PET scan to distinguish between non-cancerous and cancerous tumours is absolutely spectacular. PET scans are the most effective medical tools to help in minimizing the number of unnecessary surgeries done because of improper staging data and diagnosis. not to forget that PET scans are effective for doing the diagnoses of early stages of particular types of neurological illnesses such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease and even other types of mental illnesses.

Are you afraid of infections?

There are many patients who have a hesitation to go to hospital or avail any treatment or diagnoses. It is because they fear that they might embrace an infection. Well, PET scans are the best alternative for those people who are scared of fetching infection from different medical procedures. These scanning procedures are effective, safe and efficient. Once you go for it you would experience it for sure.And yes, if you think about the safety asset of this scanning system, as compared to other kinds of CTscans; PET scans are saferbecause the radiation amount one is exposed to is relatively low.

The purpose of PET

Positron emission tomography has a large range of diagnostic applications but is specifically ordered in case your doctor either suspects cancer or that a cancer could have scattered. It is used regularlyto measure the status of the heart prior to that of bypass surgery. It is mainly in case other imaging tests are irresolute. It is also usually ordered if early Alzheimer’s illnessis supposed or to measure the brain prior to surgery to do the treatment of issues related to refractory seizures.Apart from these areas, , a PET scan is also used to stage cancer, to evaluate the degree of damage following a heart attack or even that of stroke, and to regulate the response to cardiovascular, neurological, or cancer treatments.

PET differs from MRI and CT in a way that it examines the active, living cells and measures how they function. By contrast, CT and MRI get employed to find out any type of damage caused by an illness. In spirit, PET aims at how the body responds to a specific illness, while computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) find out the harm triggered by one.

Amidst its various kinds of functions, PET can evaluate oxygen intake, blood flow, howthe body make use of glucose (sugar), and speed by which a particular cell duplicates. By classifyingthe abnormalities in cellular metabolism, a PET scan can find out the early start of an ailment much before other imaging tests. Moreover PET can get used to diagnose various types of conditions depend onthe kind of radiotracer used. The most usual tracer, known as fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG), gets employed in ninety percent of PET scans, the procedureof which is generally referred to as FDG-PET.

When it is injected into the bloodstream, FDG is taken up by glucose molecules in cells. It is because the cancer cells multiply quicklyand do not experience programmed cell death the way normal cells do, these shall take up far more FDG in the duration of metabolizing sugar. Similarly FDG can also get used to underline the zones of low metabolic activity activatedby the obstacle of blood flow. And yes, FDG-PET can also perceive the changes in oxygen and glucose levels in the brain consistent with impairment, ailment,and psychiatric ailment.

You should note that the procedure of PET scan is not at all painful. You would not experience any uneasiness or pain. Of course, injection might be given to soothe you but that would not be a big deal for you right?  The duration of the scan would depend on the area getting scanned though such scans do take time of 40 to eighty minutes.


Thus, you can look for pet CT scan centres in Mumbai and make sure that you take the appointment as soon as possible.