PCOD Treatment In Ayurveda

At present Pcod has become a very common disorder among women. This mainly happens because of the changing trends in lifestyles and diets. This issue can be noticed now in women of all ages during their reproductive stage.

There can be Ayurvedic treatments for Pcod and other best treatments for the disease but before applying any of them, one should know what exactly a Pcod is. The full form of it is Polycystic Ovarian disease. In some cases this can be a hereditary issue or else it can be a lifestyle issue too. This happens when the process of the egg formations slow down and then gets arrested at a certain stage. They never make it to the stage of the mature ovum. So, the immature follicles grow in the ovaries later and get accumulated to increase the volume of the ovaries. As they are there in a bunch, they are known as polycystic ovaries.

When one goes for Ayurveda for Pcod then the herbal medicines can take the following actions:

  • They promote ovulation.
  • Correct metabolism.
  • Regulating Periods.
  • Cyst dissolving actions in the ovary.

It is said that Ayurveda can treat Pcod by correcting the basic imbalance and disturbance that happens in metabolism. This treatment helps the ovulation to occur naturally and it speeds up the growth of the follicles. It also tries to dissolve the immature follicles and bring the ovaries back to their normal size again. But this hormonal balance is achieved without any side effects.

When Pcod happens then frequent hair growth, weight gain, mood swings and infertility are the main symptoms and they start resolving one by one when the treatment is initiated. When one is following Ayurvedic medications, they also need to follow certain lifestyles and diets to avoid the recurrence of the disease.

In order to prevent Pcod one needs to follow a very sorted lifestyle. First of all, they need to stop taking processed food items (those which have preservatives as well) along with junk foods, oily food, and food items that contain a lot of fats. So, it is always a good idea to go for home cooked food, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and lots of protein items. In order to stay fit and healthy one needs to go for regular exercising for at least 30 minutes a day.

It is also a great idea to sleep on time. One needs to get at least 8 hours of peaceful sleep so that the body functions happen normally and remain in control. Too much of stress can affect the sleep and in turn, forms these kinds of issues. One also needs to drink a sufficient amount of fluid to stay hydrated but stay away from fizzy drinks.

One can rely on Ayurvedic treatment for polycystic ovarian disease but it is true that Pcod takes a bit longer time to get cured than other diseases because it is a kind of lifestyle disorder. So, one needs to follow the rules very strictly.