Ohio Tornado Shelters

In Ohio, tornado shelters have continue to be a topic of interest, especially since the state has allocated funds for residents to receive a rebate on the purchase of tornado shelter when approved for the Ohio Safe Room Rebate Program.  The application process closed on April 1, 2019 but the residents of Ohio are getting ready for tornado season regardless of whether or not they received a grant or even own a tornado shelter.  

 Ohio has a history of tornados though it is not commonly thought of as a state of high risk.  On April 3, 1974 there was a tornado outbreak that left death and destruction to the entire town of Xenia, OH.  32 people died and about half the buildings in the city were damaged as well as 300 homes destroyed.  Last year Ohio was in the path of a deadly outbreak that killed 52 from Feb. 28 to March 3, 2012.  The storms passed through seven states including Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia.  Many areas that saw damage had been hit by tornadoes in recent years.  Many lives continue to be saved by having a tornado safety plan, an increasing awareness of which is often brought about by these tragedies.  In Ohio, tornado shelters at the home are becoming a part of more family’s safety plan.  The Ohio EMA grants are currently covering approximately 75% of the purchase price of an installed tornado shelter once approved for the state’s safe room rebate program.

     Granger Plastics Company, also located in Ohio, is the manufacturer of the Granger ISS in-ground tornado shelter.  The Granger ISS is a single family size unit and exceeds FEMA standards for 6 adults, though more could fit in an emergency.  The ISS is rotationally molded out of polyethylene, one of the most durable materials available and comes with a limited lifetime warranty covering cracking, leaking and rotting of the unit.  The Granger ISS is manufactured in Ohio at the facility in Middletown.  In an effort to better serve the people of the state Granger has launched www.ohiotornadoshelters.com .  This site offers information about tornado shelters and contact information for people seeking further help.

Safety from tornadoes is the main purpose of this tornado shelter, but there are a number of emergencies that the Granger ISS would provide a safe place during including other weather emergencies and home invasion scenarios.  Granger also offers a bullet resistant panel that can be added to the already fortified door for extra protection from most common hand guns.

            Granger Plastics Company is dedicated to offering the highest quality plastics innovations, specializing in large, complex, custom products.  The rotational molding leader touts a diverse range of product capabilities that span a growing number of industries including aerospace, medical, defense and many more.  Granger Plastics Company is a division of Granger Industries, which includes Granger Aerospace, ForeverSafe Products, the Granger ISS and more.  Granger Industries has never seen a greater interest in safety products including the Granger ISS – In-ground Tornado Shelter.Facebook users can  learn more about the Granger ISS offerings in Ohio by visitinghttps://www.facebook.com/TornadoShelter .