Note on wearing gold jewelry

Gold jewelry is more and more popular because it can maintain its value and can be worn as an adornment. Especially for women, the love of gold is getting stronger and stronger. However, many people who like to wear solid gold name necklace do not pay attention to some small details at ordinary times, causing gold jewelry to be damaged to varying degrees.

Gold jewelry needs to be cleaned regularly

When gold jewelry is worn for a long time, a lot of dirt will be produced on it, and it will gradually lose its luster. Some women wear gold jewelry and don’t pack it well, just put the gold jewelry on the cabinet, and the gold jewelry will be contaminated with dust for a long time. In particular, some hollowed-out gold name and birthstone necklace is difficult to clean in general washing with water. Corners need professional tools to clean it, so they need to be regularly taken to the jewelry store for cleaning.

Do not wear while sleeping

During the sleeping process, the gold jewelry will be squeezed. In addition, the texture of the gold is inherently soft and easily deformed, so it is easy to crush the gold jewelry during the sleeping process. And when the gold custom name necklace is squeezed, your skin will also be squeezed to a certain extent. If you don’t wear gold jewelry to sleep, you can not only squeeze the gold jewelry, but also reduce the pressure on the skin.

Do not wear while washing dishes and clothes

Everyone knows that detergents and laundry detergents contain some chemical components. When these chemical components touch gold jewelry, they will have some effects. And some cleaning products will contain a certain amount of alkali, because alkali has a corrosive effect, it will corrode gold monogrammed necklace, causing the color of gold jewelry to become dull. Therefore, you should avoid wearing gold jewelry when washing dishes and clothes to avoid damage to gold jewelry.

Don’t place it with silver jewelry

Gold and silver have different components, so when gold jewelry and silver jewelry are put together, intermolecular interactions will occur, and the gloss of gold jewelry will be affected, which is not good. And the gloss faded away, and it was more difficult to recover. Therefore, people who like to wear gold jewelry must pay attention to this and avoid putting it with silver jewelry.

There are a lot of things to pay attention to during the wearing of gold jewelry. Pay attention to these small details in order to make gold jewelry always shine. Especially women who like to wear gold infinity necklace with names should pay more attention to avoid damage to gold jewelry.

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