Myths About Mobile App Development

There are millions of apps in the app store and the numbers are going to increase in the coming years. Can you see- how mobile apps are becoming the need of the hour and are becoming the live veins of smartphones?

Be it a startup or businesses, all are relying on mobile apps to expand their business root and be virtually present to their potential customers 24*7. It will not be wrong to say that through mobile applications, businesses are reaching their customers offering them services and products effortlessly.

On the other hand, mobile apps are considered an enterprise-wide strategy but the mobile app development process does not seem that easy. This is the reasons, many a time people abandon their project even before bursting the bubbles of myths making rounds in the app industry. Mobile app development companies, on the other hand, are trying their best to offer great help to businesses.

Here in this article, we will try to burst myths associated with the mobile app development process and other related operations. Here are the points-

  1. A great idea is a place where power lies

Having a great idea behind a successful business or mobile app development is not enough, carving out a unique and feasible idea is also required. A carved out idea that can be scalable and practical and sync with the mobile app development trends too.

Not finding out every angle of the app ends up the business in vain. This is the reason, at the end of the year, only a few ideas among many make their way to actual success.

Apart from that, the idea should resonate with the mobile app budget too, as different types of mobile applications require different budgets.

  • App development is all about coding

Well for an amateur person, mobile app development is all about coding, but in reality, it is more than that. Though coding is the most basic need for developing iOS and Android applications but other factors are also important to make an app decent and fully functional.

On the mobile app developer front, developers should be aware of current marketing trends, technology, tactics, UI tools, and many more things. Also, to make app perfect, the requirement of different kinds of toolkit, languages, data source, tech stacks, and many more things.

  • Developing the first app with ease

With mobile app development frameworks, tech stack and tools on side, developing an app is way more than writing codes.

In order to complete the app development process, the overall project involves multiple stages like blueprint creation, UI/UX design, coding for various platforms, beta, alpha testing, MVP and many more. This is the reason, time taken to develop an application depends on the nature of the application and other related factors.

  • App Store Optimization is the need

Once the app is developed fully, the need to launch it in the app store is the next phase of the overall app development process. In order to make the app gets ranking, the best practices of the app store optimization are required to follow by hook or by crook.

Apart from the ASO things, how you are displaying your app to the audience or if your app is able to connect to the needs and interest of the users or not is another measure for the success of the app.

  • Continuous usage of the app after downloading

The success of the app does not lie in the total download counts but lies in total number of active app users. Thus, the app should reflect the total number of active users who visit the app regularly.

  • Marketing of the app is not required

Developing an outstanding app is not the final call of the overall app development process, actually, the responsibility of the app never ends. Having a flawless app needs marketing too to make the audience know about it otherwise there is no use of the app.

Using different marketing tactics and different channels to market the product is also important.

  • Marketing is costly

For marketing an application, following mobile app development trends are equally important. But with so many platforms, tech stack and other things available in the market, the cost of marketing tends to blow high. Meanwhile, if marketing is done right in the right way using great strategies, the overall cost of marketing can be reduced too.

  • More features mean the better app

Seeing mobile apps as the miniature version of the website is the most common myth experienced in mobile app development process.

This is the reason, many times, mobile app developers stuff the app with features when the target audience and focus becomes a mandate and often forgets that stuffing app at once will result in slower performance, memory hogs and bloated app.

And this is not the ending of the myths, there are more in the line that is waiting to get burst by mobile app development companies. Also, in order to do so, connect with the right and reliable app development company to see your app on top.