Most Important Steps in Your Sales Process

Sales positions are virtually guaranteed to have more earning potential than other nonsales positions at the same experience levels. This is often due to corporations’ willingness to reward successful sales representatives with motivational incentives such as commissions and bonuses. It is a tried and true model: the more successful the salesperson, the more he or she will earn in their career.

Here are some tips for a salesperson looking to advance in their field and maximize their sales numbers.

Most Important Steps in Your Sales Process

1. Set a Goal & Follow your Sales Process

No matter how driven and motivated you are, without a sales process to follow you are only reaching a fraction of your earnings potential and may find yourself veering away from sales goals. A sales process acts as a roadmap for sales reps to help them stay on task and organize their place with clients. Juggling multiple clients without a sales process can lead to confusion that’s detrimental to providing prompt customer service. With a systematic approach to sales, you will be able to reach your goals and hit the sales quotas your organization sets.  

2. Have A Select And Distinctive Expertise

Imagine a scenario where you were to lose your largest client. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen to you but it’s good practice to have a contingency plan and know where you stand if such a disaster were to occur. 

This is where knowing your niche distinctive trade or product knowledge can save you. Being an invaluable expert in a market, or a product can help you recover quickly from a large loss and demonstrate your value to a company. All salespeople are good at many things, but not all salespeople have a mastery or expertise that they can point to.

A good example of this is what happened to a salesperson who was a paper trade professional at the World Health Organization. Due to some major movements in the organization, his role as a salesman was no longer needed. However, he was so proficient at his role that the company created a replacement position of trade manager. He now oversees alternative salespeople throughout the organization. The company found his expertise too valuable to lose to a competitor, in essence, it was his expertise that made him essential to the company.

3. Network Within the Company

Sometimes the saying, “It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know” can be very true in different way contexts. Salespeople too often only fraternize with other salespeople, when the reality is they have an entire team behind them to help facilitate their jobs. Knowing individuals in other departments or throughout the corporation can yield a strategic advantage. Those that network internally can have streamlined processing and improved customer service for their clients simply by virtue of familiarity with the people that handle those other roles. 

While being a salesperson can often feel like a solo role, it’s the salespeople that understand their place within the team that can distinguish themselves. All salespeople are there to make their quota, it’s the bare minimum of the role. It is the additional knowledge and contacts that you bring to the team that improves your value to a company.

Finally, the best advice recommended to students, and recent grads, looking to transition into sales roles is pretty simple. Go out and do it. Find a position that will allow you to get hands-on time as a salesperson, make mistakes, learn what works for you, and begin building the skills that you need moving forward. While each sales job will vary, there is an underlying familiarity that the sooner you’re acquainted with it and comfortable with you can then begin to shape your own personal method.

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