Mistakes You Must Avoid To Sell Your House

Most likely, this is the first time you are trying to sell your house. When you want to sell your house fast in Bronx NY, this is going to be emotionally challenging and surprisingly time-consuming. It is a complex, emotional transaction and you are without any experience. However, if you avoid the following mistakes, you can get a great deal in less time.

Mistake 1: Emotional Involvement 

When you want to sell your house in Bronx NY, stop thinking like a homeowner and start thinking like a business person. See things from a financial perspective. Keep in mind that buyers are also likely to be in their emotional states. 

Mistake 2 Not Involving a Professional

You will have to pay a commission fee if you are working with a real estate agent. The commission is usually 5 to 6% of the deal. However, you should not try to sell your house on your own. A good real estate agent can increase the odds of a quick sale. And, if you want to sell it fast and get cash within a few days, the only option you have is a cash for house buyer. In order to sell your house on your own, you have to do a good deal of research on recent similar sales in your area to determine the fair value of your house. You will have to market your house on your own.

And, maybe the buyer has hired an agent. You are not knowledgeable enough to negotiate with the agent. This can be stressful for you and time consuming for the buyer. So, not working with a professional can hurt the sale.

Mistake 3: Unrealistic Price

It is important to set the right price to sell your house fast and get at least a fair deal. You or your agent needs to do a comparable market analysis to determine a fair offering price. The buyer will do it anyway. So, you should also do it.

Mistake 4: Expecting The Asking Price

A smart buyer always tries to negotiate. So, when you list your house at a price to attract buyers, leave room for negotiations. While you cannot underprice your property, it has to be a fair deal. Now, whether it is a fair deal or not, it depends on whether you are in a seller’s market or a buyer’s market.

Mistake 5: Selling During Winter

People are busy during the winter holidays. The weather is cold and people tend to stay inside. There are not too many buyers looking for properties for sale. You cannot sell your house fast and you will not get as much money.

Mistake 6: No Insurance

During a seeing, your potential buyer may have an accident and he can sue you for damages. So, it is good to have home insurance. You should also make sure that there are no hazards on your property.

Mistake 7: Skimping On Listing Photos 

When all sellers are posting photos of their houses for sale, you are doing a disservice by not doing so. Make sure that your photos are better than the other sellers’ photos. This will help in generating an extra interest. Post clear photos taken during the daylight. If possible, use a wide-angle lens. Let a professional real estate photographer help you. You can also add a video tour.

Mistake 8: Hiding Major Problems

Don’t hide any problems as all of them will be uncovered during the inspection. Fix all the problems before you put up your house for sale. If you don’t want to make any repair or replacement, you can sell your house to a cash for home buyer homerarity.com

Mistake 9: House Not Prepared For Sale

Not cleaning your house will hurt the sale. If you are not attending minor and major issues, none of the buyers will show interest in your house.