Megamillions – Tips and Strategies to Win

We believe lottery is a game of chance. It is entirely your luck that gets you your millions. Yet, many winners have claimed that strategic planning has helped them win big.

As we chalk out some popular strategies, we urge you to take the first step of buying tickets. Always buy your tickets from reputed online sources such as Lottoland. An authorised company is the first step to avoid getting cheated.

Every enthusiast has big dreams. Winning a million or a jackpot will make that dream come true. There are a few steps between the dream and real success. Let us guide you to your mega millions.

Your next plan of action would be to think carefully about the tickets you are going to buy.

How Do You Play Megamillions?

You have to pick each ticket with 5 ‘white’ numbers and 1 ‘gold’ number. You can choose numbers according to your wish or get ‘easy pick.’ ‘Easy pick’ picks machine-generated random numbers.

You may go for a combination of hot and cold numbers. Hot numbers are the most drawn ones, and cold numbers are waiting to be drawn.

If you want, you can choose your lucky numbers or numbers related to important days.

What to Avoid?

    • Do not try out same number series.

    • Don’t choose numbers ending with the same digit.

    • Don’t go for multiples of your lucky number.

    • Don’t pick consecutive numbers.

Do The Math

Academicians, who have won big prizes, have reported that they followed a systematic study before putting their money on tickets. This study involves listing the numbers that have come up in the past. Putting all the winning numbers in innumerable combinations is the success mantra.

One ticket will not have all the combinations. You will need to buy as many tickets as possible.

Strategize Well

The more tickets you have, better are your chances to win . Pooling with friends is a great strategy.

Form a syndicate to pool in the affordable amount for each. Then buy many tickets of the winning combination you have worked out.

This dramatically improves your chances of winning. All you have to do is share your mega win with your partners.

Looking for partners and friends may be a problem for you. Well, most online companies help out with grouping players together.

Other Points to Remember

Some online lottery companies offer ‘systematic forms.’ Here you choose all your favourite numbers, and they work out multiple combinations. This is costly, but worth the expense.

Always spread out your numbers between 1 to 75. Represent high and low numbers. To see if you have got it right, try adding up the numbers. If they range between 140 – 240, you are going the right way.

Play one game at a time. Spreading your money on tickets from different games will reduce winning chances.

Last but not least – pool with positive and enthusiastic people. Positivity brings along its own luck.