Matthew Davies Stockton Examines the Pleasures of Alpine Hiking in Switzerland

Hiking is a great way to spend some relaxing time in nature and its beauty. It’s a way to challenge yourself without completely exhausting yourself. The Swiss Alps are among the most popular hiking destinations in the world and people from all over the world try to challenge the beautiful hiking trails. According to Matthew Davies Stockton, you should follow careful preparation and use sound judgment to admire the beautiful landscapes safely.

The Pleasures

Here are some pleasures of hiking in the Swiss Alps:

1. It helps you connect with nature – Whether you are on a self-guided tour or part of a fully-guided trip, you can expect to land your eyes on gorgeous scenery of mountains, dense trail systems, and quaint villages. Hiking in the Alps can allow you to peek at the historical city center, the river Rhine, Aletsch Glacier, river Rhône and capture many more such breathtaking views. If you have the energy to spare, you can even witness the Jungfrau region.

Such wonders are impossible or hard to experience without hiking in the Swiss Alps and it creates a mood that lets you become aware of the true beauty of nature.

2. You can cheat your way to the top – Many want to experience the majestic beauty of nature and it’s beauty but are in no shape to complete a full hiking trail or reach the top. Some, simply cannot afford the time. Fortunately, there is an extensive network of easy-to-use and fast cable cars, funiculars, gondolas, and cog railways in the Swiss Alps. You can take advantage of the network to reach the top without straining your knee or joints and reach the highest elevation quicker to enjoy the great views.

3. There is no shortage of wonderful hiking trails – The Swiss Alps are famous for its wonderful trails and would please you if you are eager to explore. Some of the most popular hikes include The Monte Rosa trek, The High Trails of the Bernese Oberland, The DOlomites, The Tour du Mont Blanc, and The Gran Paradiso.

Aside from these, you can conquer many day hikes. Some of the best day hikes include Lac de Louvie, HöhenwegHöhbalmen, The Faulhornweg, Riffelsee to Sunnegga, and Mürren.

4. Well-Maintained paths – You should never underestimate a hiking trail or overestimate your capabilities to remain safe and avoid potential threats that may take your life. The terrain and weather play a very important part when you prepare for the hike and you should consider these every time you plan to conquer a trail. Fortunately, the members of the Swiss Hiking trail Federation have done a great job to keep the trails in great shape. You don’t have to worry about washed-out trails or overgrowth when you are hiking.


Matthew Davies Stockton suggests that you obtain maps to learn route details before you start on a trail. Be sure to look at images and keep an eye on the news before you set out and know what to expect of the trail. Always avoid exposed trails or those that are covered in snow.