Martial Arts for Every Zodiac Sign

Are you a fan of astrology? It’s the study of the science of the stars. What’s great is that you have the chance to relate what the stars are saying to your life. For astrology, every zodiac sign has its personality. There are twelve zodiacs which correspond to the twelve divisions in one year.

Now, what if astrology and martial arts are mixed together. What if your zodiac sign can dictate which type of exercise is the best for your personality? It’s like having a personalized fitness plan that took into consideration your fighting style. With that, it’s highly suggested that you enroll in martial arts Rochester, NY or in any other states where a lesson is available. For now, here are some of the martial arts technique you can choose from based on your zodiac sign.


Your fighting style: Karate

As a Capricorn person, you follow the rules heavily. Going by the book is something that you would like to do. That’s why Karate is good for you because it’s all about following the right form. To be able to strike your opponent, you should get into the proper hand and body positioning. This is a sport which you will enjoy!


Your fighting style: Tai Chi

You’re more of the patient person, that’s why you wouldn’t bother spending your time in learning the slow movements of Tai Chi. Also, you’ll love the fact that it’s not only a way for you to train, but you’ll get some health benefits from this exercise, too!


Your fighting style: Muay Thai

This form of martial art involves striking and clinching your opponent. This is the right one for you since you love to win. You won’t back out from any fight, and this is what may challenge you the best.


Your fighting style: Krav Maga

The Krav Maga fighting style involves direct hand-to-hand combat which produces the most brutal attacks. This is perfect for an Aries person because you have the fire that burns inside you. You’re always hungry for an opponent, and you want to attack someone almost always.


Your fighting style: Taekwondo

This is a martial art which involves a lot of patience to learn because it involves overall body conditioning. You have to develop your speed, flexibility, balance, and stamina to be a great Taekwondo player. That’s someone like a Taurus would enjoy doing.


Your fighting style: Mixed Martial Arts

Since you’re more of the unpredictable one, a good pounce on your opponent which he certainly did not see coming will make you the happiest. You have different sides in you that no one could ever predict. This is the reason why mixed martial arts is perfect for you. Your opponent will never know where you’ll hit them.


Your fighting style: Boxing

You are confident about how you work. That includes punching your opponent. Hitting someone directly may not be something that every person would enjoy doing. Sometimes, insecurities and uncertainties may get in the way. But for you, little Leo, your confidence will make you the best in this sport.


Your fighting style: Aikido

Aikido is a form of martial art wherein force won’t matter. Now, this would take much calculation to execute since almost every form of martial art entail great power for you to win. But no, for a calculated Virgo like you, you enjoy in the complexity of Aikido.


Fighting Style: Hapkido

You are more of the adaptable kind. In fact, you should be in group sports since you feel your teammates most than anyone else would. For individual sports, however, you will do great with Hapkido. This is a Korean martial art which requires you to have a great feel about the condition of your body. Your joints should be locked in place for you to successfully throw the kicks and punches which will obviously damage your opponent.


Fighting Style: Judo

As a Libra person, you enjoy the balance of everything around you. As much as possible, you also want to be in control but still be fair towards how you move. These are skills which you can learn from practicing Judo.


Fighting Style: Hapkido

Of all the signs in the zodiac, you have the most intensity when it comes to emotions and willpower. With Hapkido, a Korean martial art which combines the power of the body and weapons, you can go as much as you’d like in destroying your opponent. What’s different with the other zodiacs is that you have a weapon you can use to damage someone more and as a person under the Scorpio sign, you absolutely love doing this.


Fighting Style: Jiu-Jitsu

You are carefree. You certainly love to take risks, and that’s why Jiu Jitsu is perfect for you. With this form of martial art, you are battling against someone that has a weapon while you are unguarded. This is the risk that Sagittarians like the most.

Do you think that you matched with the right martial art?