Make the Right Judgement while Taking a HOHO Bus for Nice Tour

Nice, which is also pronounced as Nissa, is the capital city of Alpes Maritimes department. It is also the 7th populated urban area of France. This city is also given a nickname Nice le Bella which means ‘Nice the Beautiful’. Nice is the most visited city by tourists which is why it has many hotels and is the second largest city that has many hotels. The tourism sector helps in the economy of the city.

One can travel through flight to reach their destination, but after reaching Nice you can explore the city through various modes of transportation. Rail, Tram, Cars, Bikes, Buses are few of the ways to get you accustomed with the city. However, the most requested and appreciated transportation is the bus tour that takes just an hour to cover the whole trip. It might sound expensive, but you will forget the amount spent when you get into the HOHO bus.

There may be endless websites through which you can get best deals for tour. It is best to compare all the packages. Whether it is hotels or restaurants or tour package, since there is cut throat competition among organizations, comparing all of them will be best. When it is about Hop on Hop Off bus trip, there may be various routes covered by different companies, thus it is wise to check all of them. Click here for Nice bus tours comparison and know the best deal.

The biggest advantage of taking a HOHO bus is that, even though the trip lasts for an hour, you can get down at any stop, roam around at your own pace and then take the next bus from the same or different stop. It also helps you to take whole tour in limited time which might not be possible if you plan a schedule at your convenience. One bus is sufficient because that will take you to all spots, instead of changing buses and trams to get at one point.

Here is some important information on Nice tour through bus –

  • Route
  • Tickets
  • Add on services


There are total 14 stops that are covered in a full day trip. During peak hours all local buses are crowded and on Sundays you might not get a place to put your foot. Here is the route that explains the tour –

  • The bus halts at the Chagall Museum and Cimiez Monastery and from there you can explore Matisse Museum, Roman bath remaining and Monastery gardens.
  • The bus also stops at the Port where you can relish the scenic beauty of Coco Beach.
  • Later it takes you to the three corners of Old Town.

Timing and Tickets

The buses start from 9am in the morning and tickets are available at the counter. The price of ticket varies depending upon age and route with add on services availed. Above 11 years of age are considered adults therefore they are charged more than kids. The tickets are valid for three days so if you wish to take your own merry time then explore the city at your pace.

Add on Services

  • The bus contains headphones which has audio commentary in 8 different languages. This helps in understanding better all sights that you come across.
  • There are many deals available with a bus ticket. Some prefer taking a Segway Ride on Prom while some prefer food and beverages or champagne in a renowned restaurant on the way.

There are many other services that are provided in HOHO bus. Enjoy the sunlight and take a sight of the city while sitting on roof top. To know more about further bus tour, you can navigate through which is an online site that provides all deals related to tours and best hotel prices.