Make Quarantine More Worthwhile with Splashes of Paint

Thanks to the new reality of social distancing due to COVID-19, everyone has plenty of time. Instead of killing time the usual way (e.g., binge-watching on Netflix or working on a 1000-piece puzzle finally), why not spruce up the house a bit? Apart from spending some time meaningfully, you’ll boost your home’s curb appeal and value.

For example, your walls might need a new look. Stylish contemporary wallpaper can transform a room but a fresh coat of paint can do the same — and possibly kill more of your free time. 

A Quick Note of Safety

Before you start your home project, keep in mind that some home improvement stores might not be open or might have COVID-19 protocols to follow, such as curbside pickup, time adjustments, or online orders.

Needless to say, put your safety, as well as the safety of other people, first. Work with the paints that you have or order online. If you need to make a store run, call the store first and learn about their COVID-19 policies.

DIY House Painting Jobs You Can Do

Front and Back Doors

Doors are one area of the home that takes the most beating due to constant use. Fortunately, you can rejuvenate them easily with a fresh coat of paint. Step up your door’s décor with bold front door colors or neutrals that complement your home’s overall design.

Floor Stencil

Make your home look like a Mexican or Grecian palace by using floor stencils. These create patterns on tiled bathroom floors. You can choose a basic pattern or get creative with a mandala flower pattern. Granted, you need to be dedicated to doing this, but when stenciling is done right, the final look is amazing.

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is where all of the delicious home-cooked meals are made. It needs a bit of TLC, too. Start by painting your cabinets.

The project could take some time, though. Before you paint, remove any hinges or hardware and have a place for them to dry. This alone can take between two to six hours, depending on the size of your kitchen. But with a fresher looking kitchen, you can impress visitors and future homebuyers.


Painting the porch isn’t as time-consuming as you think, but the size of the space determines the length of the project. Before you start painting, thoroughly clean your porch to remove the dust and grime. This also minimizes the need for repeat coats.


Go bold with your bookshelf colors to make your books stand out. Also, you’ll need an angled brush to make sure you get into each corner of the shelf with multiple coats. After all, you want these shelves to not just look great but to stand the test of time.


Painting mirrors gives any room a pop of color. Also, the project doesn’t take too long (30 minutes to an hour tops). Add some drama to your mirrors with metallic paint or go shabby chic with chalk paint.

Light Fixtures

This project requires basic electrical knowledge, especially if you want to paint your chandelier. Depending on your lighting fixture, you might need to order three to four cans of spray.

Make the most out of the quarantine period to make your home reflect your style through paint. You’ll never run out of ideas!

Meta title: DIY Painting Projects You Can Do during Quarantine

Meta description: Make your quarantine worthwhile by improving your home with paint. Here are some do-it-yourself (DIY) painting projects you can do while staying at home.