Lower back pain and ways you can cure it

Lower back pain is a widespread problem that affects people from all age and gender groups for a wide variety of reasons. Although lower back pain can be caused due to something as simple as a sloppy posture, it can however also be an indicator of more serious diseases which need further medication and treatment. There are many ways to cure lower back pain- both with professional assistance as well as at home.

Common causes of this problem:

  1. Muscle strain: This is usually the most common reason behind lower back pain, and is caused due to muscle spasms as well as any wear and tear in the muscles or ligaments due to some strenuous physical activity. Since this is the most common cause, lower back pain caused by muscle strain is also very easily curable and therefore should not be a major cause of worry.
  2. Spine curvatures: Abnormal Spine curvatures, such as kyphosis, scoliosis, and lordosis, can all be prominent causes of lower back pain. Such conditions hamper our posture and cause discomfort and pain in our muscles, ligaments, tendons, and even the vertebrae. However, these conditions are usually diagnosed during childhood and can therefore be treated over a long period.
  3. Other conditions: Several other conditions such as arthritis, spondylosis, and spondylitis can all be reasons for long and uncomfortable lower back pain. Lower back pain can also be caused during pregnancy and is almost always an unavoidable symptom during this period.

Some ways to cure lower back pain:

  1. Continuous movement: If you are experiencing lower back pain, although your first instinct might be to give yourself some rest, be careful to not overdo it. While rest is important, carrying on with your daily activities like cleaning, going for a walk, cooking, etc. will cause better than harm as they will keep your body in motion which is important for other treatments to kick in and create a healing effect.
  2. Ice treatment: Applying ice to your lower back is a quick and effective way to cure lower back pain, especially if the pain is caused due to any immediate physical injury or muscle tear. Ice helps in reducing any sort of inflammation, and after 48 hours, the ice treatment can also be changed into heat treatment for better results.
  3. Be careful about your posture: This is one of the most commonsensical ways but could also turn out to be extremely effective. Maintaining a straight and steady posture, aided with comfortable shoes (especially those which do not sport very high heels) is instrumental in curing lower back pain.
  4. Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy is one of the best available solutions when it comes to problems related to muscle pains and joint pains. Several physiotherapy clinics and even expert individuals who are trained in this field would be able to help you out and give you advice on curing lower back pain effectively. Physiotherapy in Bangalore is a well-developed and affordable realm where you can find the solution you are looking for your problems. To find out more about this, you can simply look up ‘physiotherapist near me’ online for further assistance.

Lower back pain can have minor and grave causes and consequences but is most likely to be caused by something which can be easily cured. Therefore, if you are experiencing the same, it is best to follow the aforementioned suggestions and consult a doctor if these are not of any help. Even otherwise, practicing some sort of regular movement (like walking, dancing, yoga, etc.) and not exposing your body to unwarranted physical strain are good ways to avoid, and also cure, common lower back pain.