Know The Reasons For Rising Lifestyle-related Diseases And Their Cure

As per the 2020 report, about 62% of the total surveyed individuals came under the spectrum of carrying a high risk of developing various lifestyle-related diseases. These illnesses, including thyroid, hypertension and diabetes, are steadily on the rise in the country, with individuals belonging to the age group of 19-30 years most likely to suffer from said afflictions.

Several reasons can be owed to the sustained rise in these diseases, with an unhealthy lifestyle and habits being in the forefront. Nonetheless, while dangerous, these ailments hardly rank high when it comes to being fatal.

Treatment for the cure or control of such ailments is easily accessible and is made affordable with the easy availability of financial products like the health EMI network card. Nonetheless, before learning about what is health card, it is first crucial to analyse the reasons behind the rise of these diseases.

Lifestyle diseases and the reasons why they are on a rise

While India is a third-world nation, its morbidity profile is at par with that of first world countries. Several reasons can be attributed to such a steady rise of different types of lifestyle diseases. Following is an analysis of these diseases and the causes of their prevalence among India’s populace –

  • Obesity

The sedentary lifestyle led by most of the country’s urban population has been the primary cause of an alarming rise in obesity. Individuals whose BMI or body mass index registers above the recommended limits suffer from a host of afflictions, including high blood pressure, breathing trouble, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Obesity among individuals can be propagated due to several reasons, including, reduced physical activities, unhealthy diet, as well as an increase in stress. While obesity in itself is a catalyst for several lifestyle diseases, it is also one of the most common disorders prevalent among individuals belonging to various age groups.

  • Heart diseases

Any irregularities with one’s heart muscles and blood vessels can be included under the purview of cardiovascular diseases. The most prominent reasons for a rise in heart diseases ailments include habits like smoking as well as high cholesterol and diseases like diabetes.

India is one of the leading countries with heart disease-related fatalities worldwide, putting a majority of its population at high-risk from this morbidity.

  • Type II Diabetes

Type II diabetes affects individuals from all age groups, and mostly affect adults due to poor lifestyle choices, alongside unhealthy eating habits. Diabetes, however, is also known to affect individuals by way of heredity.

  • Stroke

Strokes are caused by a blockage in vessels carrying blood to the brain, leading to oxygen deficiency. Usually, individuals suffering from high blood pressure are exposed to a higher risk of stroke.

Apart from these, diseases like arteriosclerosis, cirrhosis, and even a few types of cancer are also on a steady rise owing to the general disregard for healthy lifestyle habits among masses.

Cure for lifestyle-related diseases in India

While a few of the diseases mentioned above are chronic, they can be effectively controlled with proper treatment and a general change in lifestyle and diet.

Following are a few common treatment procedures utilised to treat such diseases –

  • Through medicines

Medication is essential when it comes to treating lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart ailments. For instance, Type I diabetes has to be managed by insulin treatment, while Type II is treated by non-insulin medication, dietary changes, etc. Prolonged treatment using insulin can, however, be quite heavy on the patient’s pockets.

In this regard, learning what a health card and its benefits can be extremely helpful in footing treatment bills.

  • Through surgery

Surgical intervention is often required for individuals suffering from severe heart conditions, or even to treat obesity and its comorbidities. Bariatric surgeries, for instance, have gained ground in recent years as a popular option for individuals in addressing various obesity-related issues.

Further, with health EMI network card boosting the affordability of these surgeries, one can easily opt for them to alleviate the symptoms of the conditions mentioned above.

  • Changes in lifestyle habits

The best way to treat these diseases is to bring about an overall change in one’s lifestyle. Quitting smoking, drinking and maintaining proper exercise and dietary regimes can be extremely effective in curbing the far-reaching effects of these afflictions.

Nonetheless, individuals opting for medication and surgical treatment options should gather adequate knowledge about the process to apply for health card online and ensure that their medical bills remain affordable.

What is health card?

Health cards like the Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card allow users to convert their medical bills into easy, no-cost EMIs, to be repaid over a flexible tenure of up to 24 months. This card, available against a one-time joining fee of Rs.707, can be used to pay the bills of treatments at over 5,500 of the NBFC’s partner facilities across more than 1,000 Indian cities.

With 800+ treatment procedures included under its purview, the health card allows users to utilise a pre-approved limit of up to Rs.4 lakh to pay for affordable healthcare. The benefits of the EMI health card also extend to the cardholder’s family, including his/her spouse, children, parents, etc.

Existing customers of the NBFC can process health card online apply through the institution’s official website, without having to submit any additional documentation. Others can also easily avail these health cards from any of Bajaj Finserv’s partner facilities and pay for the treatment of several lifestyle diseases without any hassle.