Is the Business Wi-Fi installed a risk?

According to the experts at setup , Wi-Fi is termed to be a cost effective and convenient solution for every type of business. At the same time, it is essential to ensure that the network is not in risk of getting used and being viewed by some unscrupulous elements. Having unsecured Wi-Fi network in the business will only mean leaving business diary, meeting notes and confidential paperwork open to the public. Giving inattention to security will only make the person liable for leaks. Hackers can easily locate those ‘how to’ instructions pertaining to accessing data, thereby penetrating the unsecure network to steal intelligence. It also means someone trying to defraud, harm the business or impersonate, will not have any trouble to identify how to hack the unprotected network.

How to eliminate the risk? gives a clear idea of how such risks can be eliminated. The given below points can help to keep risks at bay:

  • Maximum security password to be used always. It will be wise to mix numeric and alpha characters combined with lower and upper cases to ensure password availability to guest network users gets restricted.
  • SPA stands for Wireless Protected Access while SPA2 has managed to supersede WEP Wireless Encryption Protocol. It is not possible to use WEP and WPA together. Hence, WPA2 or WPA is used, since they are found to be less susceptible towards system takeovers and hacking. If it means investment in new WPA router, then the small expense is worth the try to protect the network during the long term. Mywifiext is the right place to derive knowledge to safeguard the network.
  • Data sent to router from PC is scrambled by Encryption, such that others cannot read it. Although it is regarded to be a necessary service, encryption facility found with routers is found to be switched off. It is essential to check to find out if encryption is working at optimum level and is switched on, instead of making the assumption of the router being protected automatically at installation point.
  • VPNs or Virtual Private Networks safeguard public wireless links. It has been designed to develop channels allowing traveling of encrypted data and to be utilized by the field staff.
  • Encryptions are not used by Hotspots. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that used hotspot is legitimate. Also do make sure that the firewall on and radio and file sharing off always, when not at hotspot. Data encryption is provided by numerous hot spot protection companies. Life can become ridiculously easy for the hacker if such safeguards are not employed. Contacting the officials at mywifiext can help understand how to enhance safety aspects in the business.
  • Running individual software firewalls on the network is advised to protect each computer. It is possible to download few firewalls for free from the web or from However, do check that product protection offered is sophisticated and rigorous. Firewalls can help prevent hackers from getting access to the computer.

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