Intentions and Manifestations with Crystal Healing

Healing stones are a great way to harness the power of crystals, especially for those just starting to understand the healing power of crystals. The beginning of this journey of learning and healing begins by asking yourself a simple question – is there any crystal healing near me? Once you dive into the world of crystals, you can set intentions and then work your way into manifesting your dreams, all with the power of crystals.

Crystals are the universal rocks that connect us to the Earth through their powerful vibrations, all harnessed in a tangible, physical form.  The Earth’s energy connects with the learner when these crystals are kept in close vicinity in the immediate environment. When you think of ‘crystal healing classes near me,’ you set an intention, and these crystals pick up on the unique vibrations coming off of you, you are on your way to become a learner.

Positive Vibrations

All hopes, dreams and intentions move around us in the form of energy or intentions. These are translated into vibrations, and it becomes a spiritual journey as it connects you to your inner being and the Earth. Think of crystals as a bridge between the realms of reality and magic. One of the first things you will learn in a crystal healing class is that a well-thought intention is where the journey begins, since the intentions that you keep in your daily thoughts get transferred into the energy of the crystal you are beginning to use.

How do crystals work?

Let us take the example of Clear Quartz to understand how crystals work. It has been found on Earth forever, and there is scientific evidence to prove that the ancient civilisations used this crystal as a peace offering, jewelry and protective talismans. In the modern world, it is used extensively in technology, like data storage, timepieces and more. It also makes up 12% of the Earth’s crust. If a crystal can communicate through computer chips, it most certainly possesses vibrational energy that can be harnessed.

An IBM scientist named Marcel Vogel has given proof of the power of crystals. He observed that when observing a crystal under a microscope, the shape of the crystal changed according to whatever he was thinking about. This led to his hypothesis that the vibrations are created as a result of constant assembling and disassembling of moleculecular bonds. His experiments on quartz crystal show how rocks store energy, just like tapes store magnetic energy to give sound.

Crystals remind us to reconnect with the energy of the universe by tuning out the mindless chatter of everyday life. They teach us about patience, since they took their time over centuries to evolve, transform and acquire their unique healing properties.

Crystal healing classes will teach you to learn, grow and evolve, and also be mindful of the abundant gifts of Mother Nature.

Choosing a Crystal

Since crystals have been used since time immemorial, there is a lot of information and knowledge that has been passed down from one generation to the next. Experts say that we do not choose the crystals, but the crystal we need most chooses us. As you learn more about crystal healing, you will develop the intuition to choose the healing stones you most need at a given point in life.