Improving organization’s marketing efforts

IT and smartphone application companies have grown by leaps and bounds. They have completely changed the technological landscape. Numerous softwares and technological solutions are created which can be used by other companies for further development of an application. A service company has to make sure that no unauthorized user has access to their services by installing certain security protocols. 21st century has seen the advent of APIs which are known as Application program interface. An API act as a proxy layer which allows only authorized users to use to the back end services of a company. The best part of using API is that there is no need for installation. The interface is available online which can be accessed anytime by a user.

Apigee integration cloud acts as a medium for combining various processes and applications of a company for faster transfer of information. The platform even allows proper management and creation of customized APIs through Apigee Edge software. It provides following benefits to a user:

1.Consultation services:

Apigee apart from maintenance services provide excellent consultation services for understanding business model and identifying the best integration solution for the same. Responsible and trained consultants give valuable advice to the company at every step of transition from traditional to a cloud based technology.

2.Integration of business processes:

The first and the most important benefit of apigee integration platform is integration of various business processes and applications which can help in improving the workflow within a business organization. It even helps in B2B integration and connecting mobile and on premise system for faster communication.

3.Security and maintenance:

Apigee edge software keeps the services secure from any unauthorized access. Moreover, the software is updated timely for continuous usability. Apigee provides excellent maintenance services which are unparalleled and cannot be competed against.

4.API management:

Apigee integration platform helps in management of various APIs which protects a company from unauthorized access to business services. A user can even combine two or more APIs for a single service which can be accessed by different Application development companies.

5.Flexible and scalable API management:

A company can create and manage various API proxy servers using a single Apigee edge software. Moreover, the company can create new proxy servers and add limits to the existing ones easily without their own server or their client’s applications.

Apigee integration platformis another service provided by the company. Salesforce is a SaaS system of managing and improving sales of a business. It is an online system which helps in analysis of customer buying patterns and other criteria using which one can improve sales of a business and manage its customers. Rather than being a software, it is an online system which does not require any installation. One can create an account and it automatically gets connected with the business system. Apigee integration platform helps in integration of salesforce system with the business system and applications for better marketing and customer support. It even helps in combining various customer support services used by a business and data collected from various websites related to consumers. The data collected can be used for enhancing future customer support services and improving customer satisfaction.