Important Things to Know About Online Proctoring

With eLearning becoming an essential part of the current educational system, pursuing online programs has become a common aspect of the modern generation. In actual fact, people coming from different walks of life are increasing searching for modes to acquire knowledge and proof for that knowledge without having to go to a college or university to attend classes. And by good fortune, eLearning has provided such individuals with a plethora of platforms to earn a degree or credential over the internet.

These developments have given birth to an impressive concept – Online Proctoring, which is making waves all around. For those who do not know, here is what it means.

What is Online proctoring?

Online proctoring is a service which upholds the integrity and reliability of the tests taken online. It involves an invigilator remotely observing the movements made by the candidate during the track of the exam.

For utilizing an online proctored exam in order to lead your company’s recruitment drive, you got to select an online proctoring services which provides you with the right kind of benefits. Keeping a few points in mind can make this process simpler for you.

First, be specific about the arenas you wish the candidate to be assessed on as well as the level of skills their position needs. These things help to gain an understanding of how proctoring functions — if it is manual or else, the activities of the candidate are recorded through their webcam? Also, it is essential to acquire a service that not only offers solutions to prevent fraudulent activities but also inspect the identity of the candidates.

There isn’t just one type of proctoring to choose from. Top 3 kinds of Online Proctoring Services are:

1.    Live online proctoring:

This is a form of proctoring that involves an invigilator keep an eye over candidates during an assessment via live video and audio feeds. The proctors are trained professionals who experts in checking the identity of students, spotting any sort of suspicious movement, and determining if an alien device is being used for cheating.

2.    Recorded proctoring:

This category of proctoring is different from the former one that I just explained. As the name suggests, in this class of proctoring, the activities of students are recorded for the proctor to play that video on a later date to pinpoint any dishonest act. The plus point of this type of evaluation is that the candidate can take the test at any time that suits them since there is no need for scheduling.

3.    Advanced automated proctoring:

This is definitely the most modern type of proctoring where there is no human intervention, what so ever. So basically, the actions of the candidates recorded. With the utilization of video and audio analytics, the feed is monitored to look for red flags which can indicate malpractices. It is the most scalable form of proctoring and expensive too since it removes the need for human intervention.