Important Safety Checks You Must Consider Before Buying A Car

We all expect a safe and comfortable drive from our vehicle. To ensure that our new vehicle satisfies this requirement, it is important to consider several factors at the time of evaluating the overall safety of a vehicle. Knowledge about common types of safety checks provided in cars will help you form your final purchasing decision.

Rollover resistance

Taller vehicles like pickup trucks and SUVs are seen to roll over as compared to passenger cars. SUVs have got a rollover rate 2 to 3 times of passenger cars. A taller vehicle shows high center of gravity, that makes it top-heavy than a lower vehicle that sits close to the ground. So, when a car is put under strong sideways forces, it becomes easier for any taller vehicle to get rolled over.

Electronic stability control

Auto experts recommend this safety feature to be there particularly on SUVs. It is designed to keep the car under full control and on the right path at the time of cornering. This feature prevents it from skidding or sliding. If the sensor finds that the vehicle is going out of control, then the system applies brakes to the wheels and cuts it from engine power so as to keep the car on course.

Accident avoidance

2019 Chevy cars with the best safety ratings & features ensure that are no accidents. Some of them being automatic braking system, emergency handling, improved visibility, seat comfort, etc.

Antilock brake system

Antilock brake system prevents the wheels of the car from getting locked up during a difficult stop. ABS provides shorter stoppage and keeps the vehicle in a straight line. It enables the driver to move at the time of any panic stop.


New passenger cars are seen to have dual front airbags that use electronic sensors to check several variables, on the basis of the model. It includes crash severity, the driver seat’s position, safety-belt use, and occupant’s position and weight in the front passenger seat. The main idea behind airbag is protect the torso of a person. There are one more type of air bags i.e., side air bags for head-protection of the user.


More than the looks, car buyers want that their car must offer heightened safety. Learning about all these safety features and buying a car that has all of them will help in making the best purchase.