Hyundai Smart Sense: When Safety Meets Convenience

With the latest cutting-edge technologies frequently installed in a car, Hyundai as one of the leading automotive brands has ensure high safety and convenience for its drivers and passengers. When asked, the experts serving the Winter Park Hyundai  dealership were proud to demonstrate how each Hyundai vehicle is completely surroundedwith smart features that can automatically sense all the probable road hazards for you. Working with 360 degree view cameras to ultrasonic sensors from high end radars to sharp digital displays, the sophisticated network of Hyundai acts to maintain your peace of mind. This smart move from Hyundai is called Hyundai SmartSense.

Forward collision Avoidance Assist

This feature slows down and eventually stops the vehicle the moment it detects anything coming on your drive way. It starts with creating alert for the driver about the chance of a head on collision, whenever it detects any vehicle, people, children, animal or any object blocking the way, and if the driver fails to apply the brakes in time, the system will automatically apply the brakes on his behalf. This way, it first avoids the chances of a forward collision and then reduces the impact of the collision, if it was unavoidable.

Pedestrian Detection

This feature automatically detects a pedestrian who is either in front of the car you are driving, or is somewhere around your car, especially near the blind spots, where the rear view camera cannot reach. By detecting any pedestrian it will create an alert and initiate the automatic braking process, whenever it will be necessary.

Driver Attention Warning

We all know that distracted driving is one of the major reasons for gruesome road accidents. Hyundai took a step forward to mitigate this situation by introducing a driver attention warning system, that can analyze the behavior of the driver whenever they show signs of distraction from driving and immediately creates an alert sound to bring him back to his consciousness and attention on the road.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Through the radars, cameras and sensors, the latest Hyundai models are able to inform the driver the entire scenario at the bling spots of the vehicle that is out of the reach of the drivers eye. Through this system, an alert gets created whenever there is any obstruction near the blind zone while the camera shows those areas to the driver through the display screen in front. The same automatic emergency braking gets activated in case the drive r fails to react and apply the brakes.

Safe Exit Assist

We were shown at the Winter Park Hyundai dealer showroom by the expert team how the safe exit assist makes sure you get down from your car with full-proof safety. They showed us how the safeexit assist will keep the door locked till then the rear side of the car is empty, and it is safe for you to get down. This system will even negate the child lock open gesture and would not allow the child to open the door unless it is safe and making sure that no vehicle is approaching your car from behind.

The Bottom Line

This way the probability of accidents has been reduced to a large extent and Hyundai cars are safer vehicles to drive because they include all these preventive and post-collision safety features.