How VR companies are changing the business outlook

When I first heard the term “Virtual Assistant,” it felt like sandpaper against my soul. Call me old fashioned, but I hate those long “on hold” waits to speak with someone in India reading from a script.

Then I took a job working as a virtual assistant and learned that I’ve probably spoken to many VR’s without ever knowing the difference. Great VR Companies should integrate seamlessly into your business. These companies take their job, and their clients very seriously and should:

  • Treat your customers like their customers.
  • Strive to exceed your expectations and not only meet your needs.
  • Take the time to learn about your company, and it’s customers, products or services, and competitors.
  • Document business processes for redundancy and scalability.

Time is Money

A full-time employee works approximately eight hours per day, but are they really doing eight hours’ worth of work? Doubtful. Employees are human. You (the business owner) are paying for human behavior and needs. Bathroom breaks, setup time, daydreaming, personal calls, etc., are unavoidable, and certainly, add up. An employee, on average, costs at least twice their salary after adding in taxes, benefits (I won’t get started on the Affordable Care Act), training, office space, supplies, and paying for downtime.

Using a virtual reality eliminates these costs. You are billed to the minute, for work that is actually being done for you, by a team of aptly capable ’employees’.

Accessibility vs. Competency

While you may feel than an employee is more accessible, that individual only comes with their specific skill set, and that skill set may not cover the task at hand. With a virtual reality company, you may have one single point of contact that you refer to as your Virtual Assistant, but in reality, you have a team of VR’s behind your superstar VR. Your VR team has a wide variety of skills for a Variety of different tasks.

There is great value in being able to speak to someone face to face. However, technology is making it easier and easier to work with people virtually. “It is just easier to work with someone in the same office” is becoming less and less true is where the argument lies in. Video communication is free, and easier today than ever before. Most people already work virtually without even realizing it. People who work together in the same office use still use email is a primary means of virtual communication. Data is most often stored and transferred electronically. We all use smartphones to tether ourselves to the office when we are out on the road. Working virtually is already a reality for most of us.

Do what you do best

Business owners often hold their business very close to their chests and are very reluctant to hand off tasks. It’s understandable; their business is their baby. And I’m sure you have heard the term “if you want something done right, do it yourself”. The truth is that if you want something done right, you have to learn how to delegate through the virtual reality companies.