How to Turn Your Favorite Photos Into Quality Canvas Art

Do you have a collection of old, good pictures? Thinking of ways to use them creatively? While there are several ways to enhance the memories through your old, classic photographs, converting the same into top-quality canvas art is timeless.

A canvas picture turns out to be a great way to showcase your favorite photographs or enhance the overall décor of your home with some creative wall art. As per a report, we take around a trillion digital photographs every year. While we are used to taking photographs digitally in the modern era, old photographs have a charm of their own.

Instead of letting your old, classic pictures lose their charm over time, why not convert them into a beautiful canvas picture? It is fun, more straightforward, and can quickly turn any photograph into an attractive display of art in no time.

Top Ways to Convert Your Timeless Picture into a Beautiful Canvas Wall Art

Custom canvas photograph prints or wall arts are inexpensive, attractive ways to add a personalized touch to any corner of the house. By making use of the advanced technology of converting your standard photographs into canvas art, you can look forward to enhancing the aesthetics of any corner of your home or office.

Here are some simple ways to achieve the same:

  • Select an Impressive Photograph: When you wish to achieve the best results out of converting any photography into custom-made canvas art, you should pick an excellent photograph for the purpose.
  • It is from your childhood memory or a photograph of your child, a family picture, or a scenic picture, the photograph should be catchy enough to highlight the essence of the canvas wall art.
  • In addition to choosing the right subject matter, you should look into the quality aspect of the picture. The photography that you choose should be of high-quality and high-resolution features. Upon canvas printing, the photographs should have a minimum resolution of up to 300 DPI. The more value of DPI is known to deliver improved quality of canvas art.
  • Utilize the Right Photo Editing Tool: You can edit the photograph further to enhance its overall appearance as your wall art. Whether you make use of Photoshop or any other reliable photo editing software solution, make way for adding special effects to the photograph.
  • Can use the tool to check into the resolution effect of the photograph or crop the same, make other adjustments, and so more. In addition to the resolution, you should also analyze the height & width aspects of the photograph.
  • It is important because you would require a photograph that is large enough to suffice the canvas size for your classic wall art. If the picture size is more than that of the canvas, you can always crop it using an advanced photo editing tool. 
  • Getting the right size of the photograph to convert, you should choose the right canvas size to print the photograph.
  • Select the Right Canvas Size: The overall size of the canvas that you wish to display as wall art is also an important consideration. A significant aspect of canvas printing is that it turns out immensely lightweight. Moreover, it is also easy to display wall art in any corner of the home or office.
  • Canvas is made out of stretched cotton or linen material. Depending on the wall that you choose to display the canvas art, you should decide upon the size of the canvas print. While deciding the same, you should check into the orientation of the photograph.
  • Instance, if you are going to place the canvas art on a bookshelf, desk, or any other small space, the canvas size should be smaller. At the same time, canvas art for a large wall, a long hallway, or above the TV unit, should be large enough to be visible from a distance. It will help in bringing ample balance to the given large space.
  • Framed Vs. Non-Framed: When you hire services from a reliable canvas printing company, you will be given the option to choose between framed or unframed canvas art.
  • Framing of the canvas wall art would depend on your personal preferences. Most canvas frames come in hues of black, brown, or other neutral shades. If you wish to display a collage of pictures, then you can go for choosing a similar-colored frame for all of them.
  • It is known to include the additional cost to your canvas printing project. At the same time, it also adds a great deal of definition and class to the given wall art. Therefore, make the right choice.


Once you have the right pictures, use the same to convert them into a beautiful canvas wall art.