How to Test your Car Fuel Injector

Fuelinjectors as parts of an electronic fuel injection system, like any other mechanism can get impaired. Often, these issues in a fuel injector can be diagnosed either visuallyor with the help of some specific manual tools.

Though the modern fuel injection system is meant to work more efficiently than the earlier carburetor models, even this system can get damaged because of theaccumulation of impurities in the fuel itself, while at times, the injector system itself can face some electrical or mechanical problems leading to rough idling, harmful emissions, misfires and poor engine performance bringing down the original fuel economy rates.

To test if the fuel injector you are using is working properly, follow these simple steps shown by an experienced mechanic of our nearby auto repair shop

Check the Spray Pattern

The easiest way to test the fuel injector, if it is working its usual way, is to check out if the fuel coming out from it is partially atomized forming an inverted V shape. If you see a single, solid spray or any irregular pattern in the spray, it is indicative of the fact that the injector needs to be cleaned instantly.

To fix an irregular fuel spray pattern add a good quality additive cleaner to the fuel system.

But if you don’t see any fuel coming out, the most common reasons could be the following:

  • Blocked fuel injector
  • Damaged injector
  • Injector disconnected from its source of power
  • Bad condition of the fuel pressure regulator
  • Clogged up fuel filter
  • Damaged fuel pump

How to Troubleshoot

To perform a test on your fuel injector, you have to listen to each of the injectors you use to determine whether all of them are working fine. Usually, as the car computer starts charging and discharging the fuel injector, a valve placed inside the injector itself starts producing a clicking sound at the time of opening and closing.

  • To listen to the fuel injector, mostly a mechanical stethoscope is used, which is an inexpensive tool available in most of the auto parts stores. Keep handy a long standard screwdriver and even a piece of thin hose pipe of an appropriate length.
  • Now start the engine and allow it to idle for some time.
  • After a couple of minutes start applying the parking brakes and open the hood.
  • Place the stethoscope on your ears and the other end of the tool pressed against one of the sides of the injector.
  • When the injector starts opening and closing, you are supposed to hear a clicking sound that originates from the solenoid placed inside the injector that plays the role of activating as well as deactivating the injector’s valve. If there is no clicking sound, it is indicative of a failed injector, that either needs a repairment or a replacement before you go for the next usage.

To know more about how to test different parts of your vehicle mechanical system, or just to perform a regular maintenance chore like oil change, so not hesitate to take help from your nearby auto repair shop.