How To Teach Coding Online

Did you ever think that online teaching would take your coaching business to the next level?

Elearning has become an inseparable part of our lives. Although online courses were there for a long time, they gained popularity after the lockdown of 2020.

No matter which skill we want to learn or develop, we simply search it on the internet and purchase the course on it. Unlike the traditional way of learning, when we had to visit the institute to fill the form & stand in a long queue to submit the form to get admission.

As per the current scenario, we can say that e-learning is the future and it is here to stay. It has made our lives and learning process easier and faster.

One of the most trending topics that people are excited to learn is Coding. It is one of the most sought-after skills of 2021. As it is required if a person wants to make a career in computer engineering or web designing.

Therefore, if you are someone who knows the basics right and is also passionate about it, you can start your own online coding classes. Since you have the skills that people are excited to learn, they won’t hesitate to pay you a decent amount of money as your course fees.

If you are serious about launching your coding classes then choose a course hosting platform like Spayee to launch your course.

Steps To Teach Coding Online

1- Identify Your Target Audience

Firstly, figure out –

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Why do they want to learn Coding?
  • What are their expectations from your course?
  • If they have purchased any other online course?

Once you find out the answer to these questions, you could easily create your customer avatar. As you would be able to understand why they want to earn coding and what are their pain points. Narrow down your niche further, decide whether you would create & sell courses for school kids, college students, or professionals.

2- Study Your Rivals

Closely monitor your rivals during your planning phase.

Try to analyze-

  • Which topics are they covering in their course?
  • At what price they are selling the course?
  • Check if they are selling a single course or they have multiple courses or a course package?
  • What do they post on social media?
  • What is the duration of their online course?

Once you figure out these things, you will have a clear idea of how you could become better than your rivals.

3- Choose An LMS

One of the most significant decisions while starting online classes is to pick an LMS platform. Make a list of available course hosting platforms and then narrow down your list further on the basis of your budget and requirements.

Make sure you get all the advanced features in the LMS that you choose like:

  •  White-Labeled Website
  •  Multimedia Course,
  • Marketing and Sales tools
  • Community & Engagement
  • Multiple Payment Gateways

You can launch your online coding course on Spayee as they can help you in building your own white-labeled course website. The best thing about Spayee is that they provide dedicated account managers to their clients. Therefore, in case of any issue, you can easily call them to help you.

4- Market Your Course

If your marketing plan is not up to the mark then even after creating an excellent course, you won’t be able to generate the desired revenue.

Hence, it is extremely important to have a robust marketing plan even.

One of the most effective & easiest ways to market your course is to promote it on social media. Create dedicated accounts of your online institute on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Leverage paid ads on these platforms to drive traffic to your course landing page. Launch your course on Spayee as they provide various in-built marketing and sales tools.

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