How To Take Care Of Your Soccer Cleats?

If you are a soccer lover and regularly play soccer, then you surely have a pair of cleats. Soccer cleats have become an integral part of every soccer player’s life and they definitely deserve the best care that you can give to them.

Moreover, a well-maintained pair of soccer cleats will always help you to perform at your best level. The more high-quality wales soccer jerseys you buy the more they will look like new for many years to come.

Thus, it is highly recommended to buy only premium-quality cleats such as Puma soccer cleats youth. Now, let’s check out some of the best ways to take care of your soccer cleats.

  1. Avoid Heat

The most important thing to maintain the quality of your soccer cleats is to keep them away from heat. Make sure that you never place your cleats near the dryer, heater, or even direct harsh sunlight especially after washing and cleaning them.

The heat can quickly dry out the leather and deteriorate its quality. Thus it will ultimately ruin your all efforts of cleaning and taking care of them.

  1. Peel Out After Game

Never keep your cleats on for longer time period after the game is over. To maintain the quality of your cleats take them off quickly after stepping out of the field.

You should use your cleats only on the grass of the pitch and nowhere else. Plus, any hard surface such as concrete and asphalt can really wear down the spikes.

  1. Allow Your Cleats Breathe

All players are well aware of the fact that after playing, cleats smell really bad. It is very necessary to make your shoe cleats get rid of that smell.

Do not allow that smell to get trapped in shoes for a longer time period as this will allow bacteria to grow. Make sure to put your shoes cleats outside in open air so that they can breathe properly and fresh air can eliminate the smell.

  1. Soak them with Newspaper

To soak up the extra moisture getting trapped in your shoe cleats, you can soak them with a newspaper.  This will also help to maintain the good shape of your cleats after they dry.

Also, make sure that not even a single inch of shoe cleats contain any speck of dust.

  1. Use Gentle Washing Material

It is very important not to use harsh washing material on your cleats. It is best to use warm water for cleaning your soccer shoe cleats. Also, use only mild detergent or soap to make sure that the quality of your cleat remains good.

However, make sure that you avoid any unnecessary myths related to the cleanliness of cleats.

On the Ending Note

Hope you find the above-mentioned information useful and will surely follow these tips from next time. If you have Puma soccer cleats, then to get the maximum benefits of your money invested, use only premium-quality material to clean cleats.